Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Switched at Birth: Questioning Relationships

Should we start a pool on how long it will take Daphne to come clean about the trick she and Jace pulled on Senator Coto? It seems inevitable, as she's confessed to much smaller indiscretions in the past AND she already had a look of guilt on her face when John made the announcement about Coto's decision. And, speaking of Daphne, is Nikki going to learn ASL so that she can communicate better with Daphne? It would make sense that she did, as she's about to marry into the family... Though maybe that's the point... the writers want to make an example out of Nikki and how some family members don't make communication a priority, much like Travis's family. Regardless, the question it puts on Nikki and Toby's relationship is just one example of the many open issues with the characters in this episode. Others include how Angelo and Regina might raise a baby together, how Daphne and Jace are blackmail partners, how Abby might be better with adoptive parents, and how Melody struggles with Cameron leaving her in middle-age. Which relationship do you think will have the simplest resolution?

Switched at Birth "Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger" (S02E17): Two gay men, Victor and Leo, in St. Louis have Angelo's baby, so he asks Bay to come with him to try and get his infant daughter back without going through lawyers. [interesting that he asked Regina. AND that she was considering helping to raise the child!!] Bay declines in order to go to a concert with Ty, but he convinces her to go anyway, and even drives her there. [good point about perhaps never meeting her half-sister any other time.] On the way there, Ty explains that his father left him and had another family. [more baggage. just what that character needed...] Bay really talks up her biological father, but because the truth has been so publicized, Victor is very hesitant to even allow Angelo to see "Abby." Bay is able to hold the four-month-old, however. [cute baby.] And, after seeing how Leo calmed the baby, she thinks that Abby might be better off with the guys, especially as she's a perfect example of how being raised by "non-biological parents" doesn't do horrible things to you.
Daphne tries to teach Jace how to swim, but they spend most of their time at the pool spying on the sleazy senator, Coto. [what kind of high-waisted plaid swimsuit was that??] After Daphne learns that Parker might be pregnant with his child, she and Jace decide to use a faux-burner phone to get the conservative to drop his support for the abstinence-only education clause. [I was a bit unhappy with the way the show chose to leave the "was she pregnant at all or did she have an abortion?" arc.]

Nikki, home from her Spanish immersion program in Dallas, sees a text on Toby's phone that he's meeting Simone at a club. She goes down there to find him playing the guitar and singing, though she expects much worse after learning from Daphne what happened between Toby and SImone. [the two are engaged and have not yet talked about all of their serious past relationships??] Simone also admits to Toby that she's an alcoholic. [Nikki announcing that her father's murderer had been found was just a little too much for this episode... even it out!] 

Melody has Regina help her set-up an online dating profile on DeafinitelySingle.com. [nice play on words there!] Travis and Emmett see the site and decide to help Melody find someone. She's initially upset but quickly comes around... at least until after the date when she's realized that they had nothing in common. Melody decides to apologize to Cameron for having an attitude and passing it on to Emmett, and even shows her support for her ex-husband's desire to get a CI if that's what he wants.
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