Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Switched at Birth: Issues with Angelo

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I love this show. I love how there are so many characters with different situations and odd interactions with one another. I love that we have multiple languages being used and that sign language is so prevalent. I love that the age differences in the characters don't matter all that much - sometimes it's very difficult to have interesting adults and interesting teenagers for the same audience! But... I still can't get past some of the storylines that we're seeing. I still can't believe that Emmett and Simone had sex or that Bay didn't keep Emmett's secrets from his family. Of course, I also find it difficult to believe that Toby and Simone were in a relationship at all, or that a rich girl like Simone would walk out on a tab. Let's not forget, we're not in Beverly Hills, guys... this is Kansas City! Not that I'm very familiar with that area (I think the closest I've been is Chattanooga, actually. EDIT: turns out, Denver is 100 miles closer to Kansas City than Chattanooga is, but still nowhere near it!). Anyway, do you think the show is getting to be too much like a soap opera or are you loving it as much as I am?

Switched at Birth "The Intruder" (S01E24): Regina texts the girls and has them to come home immediately. [I liked the nuance between Regina asking Bay to come but ordering Daphne to do so - it shows the change in authority.] Fortunately, everyone else was already home when Regina and Angelo pull up. [Adriana signs for Regina because of her wrists.] They explain that they're married (strictly so he can stay in the country), but Bay seems to be the only excited person. [can't blame anyone else that they're not! I was surprised, however, that Bay gifted Regina that secret obsidian from the Galapagos... I wonder if the legality of it will come into play...?] 
Adriana is paranoid that Regina and Angelo won't be able to pass a green card marriage test, and Kathryn is worried about having to lie to the government. Patrick is really upset that Regina thought they could continue to date. [I'd at least take a break until Angelo got his green card!] At the immigration office, the interviews go pretty well... luckily, they have an actual "engagement story" from their fifth date, 17 years ago. [it almost seemed too crafted to me.] But, a red flag shows up when a credit check reveals that Angelo applied for a one-bedroom apartment the day before, though he claims it was for his mother-in-law. [speaking of which, did anyone else find it odd that Bay helped him look for places?] They will now be subjected to surprise checks from the fraud department, which will mean that Angelo has to live with them for now. [is the guest house three bedrooms??] But, after Daphne confides in Bay that she doesn't want to make small talk with Angelo, Bay works it out so Angelo moves into the Kennish house to give Daphne more space. [won't that seem odd to the fraud people, though?]  

Now, onward to the smaller stories. There's a baseball player creeping up on John's record for most doubles in a single season (71), so he sets an alert to find out every time the guy comes up to bat. [so odd that Toby and Bay call their parents "J&K" when they talk about them!] It's not long before the record is broken and John is asked to go on television to talk about it. [I imagine this will throw him into a midlife crisis...] On a related note, John gives Kathryn tips about her signature, as she's preparing to start doing book signings.

Daphne tells Emmett that they should enter Dawn of the Deaf in a St. Louis Scare-a-thon, but they need to create a two-minute trailer of the movie to do so. With all of the footage on the Kennish computer, Daphne decides to ask Bay about it first. [Daphne's hair is starting to get roots and I don't like it.] Bay is cool with it, though Toby is not... he shoves Emmett to the ground when Emmett tries to talk to him. [I think he acted like it was a really rough take-down.]

Bay climbs a barbed wire fence to take a photo of a tagged bus. [I wonder how she scouted this location...] Later, she works on some sketches and then ultimately adds her stencil to the bus. The third time she goes, however, she encounters another tagger, Medusa, who completes her design and challenges bay to do more. Bay later takes Toby to see it.

Some guys at school find Simone on a "slut of the week" website, but Toby defends her and she thanks him, though he refuses to talk to her. [don't blame him, either!] Later, Simone is at the same AA meeting as Regina. [nice! when's the last time we had a good teenage alcoholism story on television? Please don't tell me it was Dylan McKay!]

At work, Daphne cuts her finger with a knife, but a coworker gives her a bandage so she doesn't have to log the incident. [I bet this will get out of hand... also, I never thought about it... I bet kitchens have really high Worker's Compensation rates! wow!] Daphne signs up for extra shifts to avoid being home, but winds up breaking a few dishes when a tub falls. [awww!] She goes to cry in a storage room, and the chef, Jeff, comes in and asks her what's wrong. [I was shocked that he was nice to her! also, if Regina can't bowl because of her wrists, why not suggest a different family activity??!?] 
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