Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Switched at Birth: Angelo & Regina are MARRIED!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I love that we're diving right into a "deaf culture" issue. I put that in quotes not because I don't think it's a real thing (I know well that it is), but because I don't know whether deaf work issues fits into deaf culture or into some other area with which I'm not familiar. Anyway, I thought this was a great episode to jump back into this section of the first season (which will give us nine more episodes, if you're curious), but thought it was a little light in areas. For instance, we know that Daphne is working and all, but what is she doing for school this year... all at the deaf school? Partly at Bay's school again? How close are she and Emmett now after everything that happened? Similarly, what's going on with Toby besides he likes to swim and is dating a girl named Jenna? Is he having issues with Simone like Bay is? Did Toby tour any colleges over the summer? Did his band get any more gigs? I guess I'll just have to be patient, but that's hard! At least the show is back! :)

Switched at Birth "This is the Color of my Dreams" (S01E23): It's the end of summer - Bay has been in the Galapagos Islands and returns with boyfriend Alex. [don't worry, he doesn't even last the whole episode.] The most notable thing about him? Bay somehow managed not to explain her living situation or her "switched at birth" story, making for an awkward introduction to the family. [the sand in her clothes is odd.] Bay also didn't read Kathryn's completed book, so she winds up getting pretty angry when she finds out that Emmett appears in the story (even if her own involvement with the boy isn't discussed). Speaking of which, Kathryn has been neglecting her "household duties" in lieu of book promotion (and maybe even blogging), and John confronts her when it comes to missing a home-cooked dinner and not having nobody home when the cable guy comes. [I agree that Kathryn is at fault to a certain extent, but she's been a homemaker for almost twenty years (if not more)... let the woman live a little! also, I don't see her having a blog to be a good thing...]
On the first day of school, Toby is dating Jenna, and Bay gets upset when she sees Simone. [um, it was GOING to happen!] Emmett has been pining for Bay, having left her a letter that she's been hesitant to open. She decides to see what's in it and finds a treasure map, leading to a timeline drawn on the wall of a building. [cute, but enough with the graffiti!] The next night, Bay texts Emmett and they meet, but she can't let him slide on sleeping with Simone. She says that he's screwed her up for life, and he says that he'll wait for her. [oh, teenagers. SO GLAD I'm not in that boat anymore!]

Meanwhile, Daphne's ahead in school and having afternoons off has really been prompting her to find work in a restaurant. Actually, she's been trying very hard to find a job, but 12 interviews have come and gone... things keep going sour when potential employers find out that she's deaf. [boo!] She finally decides to try asking for help, and Kathryn connects her immediately to a restaurant with a famous chef. [networking matters, you guys!] Daphne has a great first day dicing onions and whatnot, but on the second day she misunderstands a command and then can't hear someone say "behind you," leading her to be asked to become a dishwasher instead. [how hurtful!] Daphne tries to make things work by asking the chef to look at her when he's speaking, but he tells her that she doesn't belong in a kitchen if she can't hear - it's dangerous! Daphne doesn't want to tell Kathryn what's up, but she does share the situation with Toby... not that he has anything positive to say. But, Kathryn's connection soon shares the information and our favorite author marches down to cause a stink, though Daphne begs her not to say anything. Later, at home, Kathryn and Daphne talk, and Daphne says that she'll continue to wash dishes and hope that she can work out a system - starting with putting up a large mirror so she can see behind her, which the chef approves. [not a bad idea anyway, I'd think. Unless you were easily distracted, LoL.]

Lastly, onto Angelo. [what was with the "inflamed tendons" in Regina's wrist?] Angelo doesn't want John and Kathryn at his trial, but Regina and the girls attend, hoping that letters from everyone in the family will help. Well, the judge decides that the girls have three other parents, so losing him won't be a large hardship. Angelo will be deported, deeply upsetting Bay. [you know, because she's super-emotional.] To keep Angelo in Bay's life, Regina goes to the courthouse and marries him, which isn't that strange of an action because she had dreamed of a backyard wedding to him earlier. [was he out of custody?]
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