Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Newsroom Factroom - First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers

The Newsroom season 2 is in full swing, swinging harder than the San Francisco Giants (well, except for maybe Pablo), so Factrooms are going to come fast and hopefully be caught up relatively quickly.

The details: accuratepotentially accurate, or inaccurate.  This is based on internet research from primary sources (and even Wikipedia when they do it best).  Luckily, with the scene set in modern day, these things are available via the web.  And, go...
  • "There's 8 Broadway musicals that have won the Pulitzer prize for drama."
    • Yes... and there probably won't be another until after 2020
      • This one is pretty cut and dry. Feel free to troll the contest sites out there asking this question but Wikipedia has a very nice list.
  • "On June 9th (2011) the domain name OccupyWallstreet(.org) was registered."
    • Yep Yep
      • Yep, and here's the whois record for that. In reality, this is a worthless detail for Neal to mention. But, so many domain names are registered that it's very unlikely he would have run across this, even if monitoring AdBusters closely. A more likely and useful detail would have been the site going live or a traffic milestone.
  •  Was Project Genoa real?
    • No, but...
      • If you follow press for The Newsroom closely, you know Sorkin has already likened this to its real world equivalent. You won't see that spoiler here, but when facts are presented about it, they will be checked against what data can be found on the real event. The facts will still be organized by the episode in which they aired. Hopefully, fact checks can continue without completely betraying the season-long deposition. The lawyer is making $1500 an hour... assuming she's interviewing in all the episodes, that's $15,000 worth of story.
Very light on numbers this episode, but there was much ado about character placement for upcoming drama. More next time!
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