Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cake Boss: Momma is Only 65; Sandy Cleanup Continues

Every time Buddy talks about the special Italian liqueur the bakery uses in some of their recipes, I try to figure out what it is so I can try it out, too. (though the original source went out of business a few years ago anyway.) I have never had luck, but I am also not positive what I'm searching for, as it sounds like Buddy is saying "samratsano" and I don't know much about Italian spelling so beyond maybe "semret sanno," I'm shooting in the dark. Regardless, the cream puff cake that they made with it was lovely, as was the Atlantic City cake. Unfortunately, this was a double-length episode without much emphasis on the culinary masterpieces, choosing instead to appeal to the human nature side of the audience with the family doing community service and trying to help Buddy's mother.

The Cake Boss "Momma's Birthday Surprise" (S06E16): The employees work on a cake for Atlantic City to celebrate the comeback from Hurricane Sandy, though Buddy only assembles the final product, as he and the family do a project for Habitat for Humanity all day. [neat to use glowstick tubes for brightness!] Mauro knew what he was doing because he was a builder before the bakery, but a lot of the other family members are lost. [Habitat is a favorite for TLC shows... the Duggars have done it, too.] The girls decide to do some gardening instead, actually. Chris Christie shows up, thanking the family for inspiring others to help. Everyone comes together to see the cake in the end. [nice to see multiple body types and shapes were represented.]
Buddy's mother is turning 65, so a big celebration is planned. [we know Buddy is 35, and he is the youngest of five children. It's exhausting to think about having five children at my age. that's all I'm saying!] Relatives fly in, including three of Momma's seven siblings (though one has passed away). All agree to get tested to see if they might be a bone marrow match for MommaMary, in hopes that an experimental treatment in Israel might help her ALS. [not being able to use your hands must be excruciating!] Buddy makes a tiered cream puff cake for her, which is rare because of the french pastry and sponge layers. [it is GORGEOUS!] Buddy plays a 1993 video of the family working in the bakery. [Momma was SO animated!] 
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