Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Under the Dome: Justice

This episode marks a switch from many storylines occurring to just a few, while also solidifying Julia, Barbie, BigJim, and Joe as the main characters. Barbie's role was relatively minor, though it seems it was more of a set-up for a larger conflict on the horizon with BigJim. Joe also didn't do much, aside from try to catch up with his sister, be dumped by Norrie, and tell Julia about the mini-Dome. On that note, Julia will undoubtedly tell Barbie about the mini-Dome next, and maybe Dodee, as they are seemingly the smartest people in town. That leaves BigJim, who has been constantly battling with his son, though perhaps a truce is not far off at this point. Anyway, the town is beginning to run out of food, though they haven't been able to cook it or keep it cold for about a week already. Also, it is still surprising that the town doesn't stink, that there are hardly ever townspeople milling about, and that nobody really seems concerned about how dire the situation is becoming. Sure, the series is based on a novel, but the issues with realism may be growing too large...

Under the Dome "Thicker than Water" (S01E08): Junior returns home, and BigJim confirms that his kidnapper son is no longer welcome there. [where does he expect his child to go, and how does he not think there will be backlash from the community?] At work, Linda takes away Junior's gun, questioning his ability to make smart choices. With no power and no place to live, it is no wonder that Junior decides to help out Ollie, who the town is currently against for harboring all of the water. As BigJim, Linda, Barbie, and some others are trying to convince Ollie that eminent domain means the well belongs to Chester's Mill, Junior disarms his father and then helps Ollie plan the next move. [I can't believe the injuries in this episode! the knee guy AND Phil!] Meanwhile, the townspeople go along with Barbie's plan to blow up the well, thereby diverting the water back to the original sources. [I really don't understand how that worked, but okay...]
Brownie Harris/©2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.
Ollie tells Junior that his mother's death was a suicide, causing the troubled young man to seek vengeance upon BigJim. However, when it comes down to it, he shoots Ollie for pointing a gun at the councilman. [yeah, it does suck that your mother committing suicide means she chose to leave you. but, I don't believe that Trojan Horse thing for a second!] 

Norrie thinks that she and Joe shouldn't be together because that causes bad things to happen. Upset, Joe decides to confide in Julia about the mini-Dome and its egg, which is now pink inside. When Julia touches it, she sees a second Joe, saying "the monarch will be crowned." Meanwhile, Angie tells Norrie that she's familiar with the camp the outsider was headed for, then the two girls go bust snowglobes against the dome. [who wants all that glass everywhere?]
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