Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Under the Dome: Another Doctor Down

From the beginning of this series, the Chester's Mill residents' lack of interest in the Dome has been astounding. Barbie initially seemed curious about it, then Joe attempted to map it, but otherwise, very few townspeople have shown intrigue over the force that is keeping them separated from the rest of the world. Finally, Norrie has questions about the Dome, even though her interests are mainly self-serving. At this point it is assumed that there are no scientists or professors in the city, and that people must be keeping themselves occupied somehow, as there aren't pedestrians milling about (besides Ben) everywhere. But the houses must begin to stink, as there's been no power to keep refrigeration going, and probably no trash pickup, either. (This makes Harriet's yogurt consumption really suspicious!) Still, the folks who are seen continue to make poor choices, like Linda telling uber-intense Junior about Angie's attempted rapists, then allowing him to have a gun as they chase down the boys. The logical issues with this drama seem to be getting worse, which forces one to question how a second season will ever exist, but perhaps the bulk of viewers are just willing to run with what is shown...

Under the Dome "Imperfect Circles" (S01E07): Norrie is curious as to how she and Joe are connected to the Dome, so they try out different things at the perimeter, but nothing works. [scaring him with a gas mask? are you kidding me??] So, they head to the center of the Dome, where they find a mini-Dome with a black egg inside, that later looks like it's "powering up." They try to talk to it, then touch it together... and Alice appears. They cover it back up and head home.
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It's a good thing the kids headed back when they did, as Alice winds up passing away later that day, because of complications due to her diabetes. Before she does, though, she helps Barbie deliver Julia's neighbor's baby. [what did Harriet "seeing" her husband mean? anything? certainly not the same as Norrie seeing Alice...] Norrie cries out to the Dome to bring back her mother, but it seems only Baby Alice will live.

The reason Harriet was at Alice's was because Julia was driving the woman to the clinic when they get held at gunpoint for their gas. The same brothers who went after Angie are scared away when Barbie comes to the rescue, but he carries Harriet to Alice's and just radios Linda and Junior (whose father has forbidden him to be at home with Angie) about the men. [Barbie seems to be carrying a different person every episode... notice that??] Linda and Junior catch the brothers, but when they start to get away, Junior kills one of them, even though his life was not in danger.

Meanwhile, Angie leaves BigJim's place to go see Rose's body and learns that BigJim owns the diner. [...of course he does! let's just call the town Jim's Mill!] Ben helps Angie clean up the diner, and he stays when Junior shows up, though at least the punk isn't threatening this time. BigJim spends the day finding out that Ollie has taken charge of his propane, then killing the lackey who was enforcing the situation. [I'm starting to wonder how many people BigJim must have killed BEFORE the Dome went down!]
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