Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Photo Recapping 2013 Comic-Con: The Costumes

Friday: me with Vanellope and Fix-It Felix! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Though we did do daily wrap-ups of the excitement that is San Diego Comic-Con (follow everything here), there's still so much more to share and say! I have at least six articles in the works (ranging from recaps and quotes to advance pilot reviews and analytical nitpicks) but I wanted to share some of the fantastic photos that were captured during the event. This is the second year that TheTalkingBox has had a separate photographer at the convention, and most of the images will be credited to him, though there are some that I took with my boring phone because I was in the right place at the right time! Of course, this only reinforces the idea that one person's cosplay interest is not another's, but hopefully you'll find something you enjoy amongst the two dozen selections below! So, without further ado, let's take a look:
Thursday: Wolverine, Batman, and Iron Man meet. At first I thought that
WAS Hugh Jackman! but he's not big enough. by Amy K. Bredemeyer
Thursday: Link sits in line. by Amy K. Bredemeyer
Thursday: a group of something! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Thursday: a group of superwomen! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Friday: probably the coolest mask I saw all SDCC! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Friday: Jessica Rabbit! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Saturday: a kid meets Iron Man AND Bumblebee! by Amy K. Bredemeyer
Saturday: a rare shot of half of the Rescue Rangers!
Gadget & Dale! by Amy K. Bredemeyer
Saturday: Ninja Turtles vs. Ghostbusters in a battle from the 80s! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Saturday: Princesses and their Plumbers. by Amy K. Bredemeyer
Sunday: an incredibly impressive Edward Scissorshands.
by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Sunday: toads and princesses come in all
shapes and sizes! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Sunday: The one and only Dick Tracy! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Sunday: you gotta watch some battling! They're so intense! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Sunday: I don't know what these are but they match!
by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Sunday: Sleepy Hollow's Headless Horseman. by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Sunday: Talk about attention to detail! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Sunday: so life-like I stopped in my tracks! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Sunday: Up characters were a popular this year! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Sunday: Wreck-It Ralph! by Amy K. Bredemeyer
Sunday: Another Wreck-It Ralph! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Sunday: Wreck-It Ralph's Vanellope von Schweetz in
both forms: racer AND princess!! by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Sunday: Alvin, of The Chipmunks. by Jonathan Bredemeyer

There were thousands of other costumes, of course, but we couldn't capture all of them, nor were all the shots that great, thanks to other people always trying to get the same picture. Plus, we've all seen stormtroopers and wookies before, so I didn't include those, although we have them! Stay tuned for more Comic-Con articles and photo recaps to come!
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