Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Switched at Birth: Expanding Storylines

Switched at Birth could become a daily soap opera and I would make the time to watch it. I just cannot get enough of the characters on this show and their interactions with one another... although I don't always agree with the actions, the writing tends to be excellent and unique, which says a lot compared to what is airing these days. Anyway, enough raving, back to this particular episode. I was really expecting Travis to show up at the car wash with MaryBeth and blow Bay's camping story, but I guess the truth has to come out now that she's limping around. And just how was she treated without her parents present, by the way? That issue aside, I think that Regina will move to the back burner now, and Ty is likely moving that way as well. Summer has been going on for a while, but before the girls return to school, so much still needs to happen, unless the Maui, Kansas and senate office drama will bleed into September. Any bets on what will be resolved by the finale?

Switched at Birth "What Goes Up Must Come Down" (S02E19): Bay tries to get Ty out of redeploying, but he wants to fulfill his commitment. [he's an honorable guy that way, I'll give him that.] They want to go camping, and Regina helps Bay cover the story by saying she's going with Mack, Ty, and MaryBeth. But, when Ty wants to go climbing, Bay really doubts her abilities. [it's pretty much just a ladder... can't everyone climb a ladder??] At the top, she has to walk off the edge and be lowered down, but she freaks out and it's a rough landing. [I'm curious as to how scared Vanessa Marano actually was...] She accuses him of testing her, then runs off because he pretty much admits that he's worried she'll cheat on him with Emmett. She is missing for a few hours, and when she returns, her ankle is badly injured so Ty carries her off to an ER. Later, he agrees to try to avoid deployment. [and both of them actually believe that John will help in a situation like this??]
John has been busy giving Regina free tires and more work (decorating his Senate office this time) to show his appreciation, but she puts a kibosh on it, calling them "karmically even." However, he did one more thing without being aware of it: when he let it slip to Regina's boss that she and Angelo are married, the woman winds up bumping up Regina to full-time, after a surprisingly pleasant confrontation. [Bay and Regina are sharing clothes now and can't tell whose shirts and bras are whose? so strange!]

With Regina and John both working (and Angelo absent), Kathryn is left with a lot of parenting responsibilities... Toby asks her if they can host his wedding at the house after Nikki wants nothing to do with a church wedding when God didn't stop her father from dealing drugs. [I can't believe how nonchalant her mother was!] And, when Kathryn catches Daphne playing hooky from work, she takes her to the spa to relax. [I hate this parenting style so much...] There, Kathryn learns that an intern at the office is sleeping with Coto, a fact about which Daphne is overly defensive. [the guy has cheated with interns before??] This causes Daphne to go into the office after all, as she was avoiding an interview with Coto for a scholarship. The interview question is "do you feel like you made a difference this summer?" and Daphne talks about how she's not really into politics so much as wanting to spend time with John. [terrible answer! even if it was true!] However, Coto brings up her article on teen pregnancy and mentions that is why he changed his vote... then mentions that there are always consequences for actions. She's very nervous and tells Jace, who suggests they just keep pushing the blackmail button. [what's with this kid? Why does he care so much about Kansas politics when he's from the UK?] She doesn't want to lie anymore and breaks up with him, but he just texts Coto again anyway. [did she NOT see that coming??] 

Elsewhere, Melody and Emmett go with Cameron and Debbie to support Cameron having his cochlear implant turned on. [very thoughtful of them!] It takes some time and fine-tuning, but it works out and Cameron is overwhelmed. He soon wants to hear Emmett play the drums, and talks about the little noises that he didn't know existed - like air conditioning kicking on, tea drinkers slurping, and plastic bags crinkling. [I appreciated how the show addressed the complications of cochlear implants - the multiple adjustments, the taste change, the dizziness.]
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Great episode reviews! I love reading them to help refresh my memory of the show! ;P