Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cake Boss: Cakes for Day Camp and Dodgeball

Reading the title of the episode, one might expect that Buddy was going to run a cake decorating day camp or something out of Lackawanna. That would have been an interesting episode, but could also probably have turned into a miniseries of some sort on its own. Instead, it just referred to one of the cakes that the bakery employees put together, which was incredibly detailed and very beautiful (see picture below). Though the construction and operation of the cake were thoroughly covered, the end result seemed very disjointed and out-of-place, not just because the styles of the cakes were drastically different but also because the wedding cake replica did not seem to fit in when the celebration was really for the anniversary of the camp. Regardless, the fact that all three siblings are dedicated to the family business was nice, and right up Valastro's alley.

Cake Boss "Camp Carlo's" (S06E15): A summer camp family wants a big cake to celebrate 20 years of owning their own day camp. [not gonna lie... day camps don't really impress me. but they're an entirely different animal from resident camps, so I also can't fairly compare too closely.] They want a surprise cake to pop out of a normal cake, so Buddy works on a replica wedding cake that to pop out, showing his oldest son some of the piping techniques in the process. They can't test the pop-out factor much because the top cake will start to pull apart and fall onto the bottom cake, but it works out!. [so many campers all over the cake! but what was with the mummy?? a guy who got TP'd?] The bakers also compete in a tug-o-war war and win against some of the staff/family.
A female dodgeball team wants a cake to celebrate their championship. Buddy wants to put together a team to play against the girls, and the guys will take the trophy if they win, but the girls would get a free cake. [I'd play under those terms! and I'm terrible!] Plus, the winning team gets to pie the losing team. [I thought that there was a bunch of space under the "Dodgeball Champions" placard, so they totally could have put "2013" under it or something.] The women easily win.
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