Wednesday, November 2, 2011

19 Kids & Counting: Helping Habitat

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

It makes me sad when there are two bad episodes of a show in a row. Last week was super-boring, and this week didn't really have any memorable moments, either. In a nutshell, the family (minus Michelle, Josie, and Jill) went to Alabama (because the tornadoes ripped through there) to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. Yeah... not thrilling. and, next week's mid-season finale is a Q&A show... which are generally decent. Except, three of the questions they're showing in the commercials reference the courting system, which has had plenty of attention, in my opinion.

19 Kids and Counting "Do Good Duggars" (S08E09): Discovery, partnered with Habitat for Humanity, contacted the Duggars to see if they'd help with the damage in Alabama due to the tornadoes. Jill stayed home with Josie and Michelle because Josie wasn't feeling well, but the rest of the family went. 125 Discovery employees went to work on 5 different Habitat projects. [that may have been the most interesting fact of the episode...] The Duggars worked with Reed Timmer & Tim Samaras from Storm Chasers. JimBob met Dave Salmoni from Animal Planet. [...apparently the Duggars watch that channel now?] Of course the girls were using nails and hammers while wearing sandals. [why does anyone let this happen?!?] Jana got a blister. [and she was either complaining or genuinely surprised about this...] Some of the younger kids paint pots for families. [Jessa with straight hair takes some getting used to.] The family goes to a famous, cafeteria-style restaurant in Alabama, where they're each supposed to choose 1 main dish and 3 sides... but they got a combined 23 entrees, 57 sides, and 15 desserts. Some of the kids got like 5 sides, since they didn't realize there was a rule. Josh got quite a bit of food as well. When asked about Josh's eating habits, Jessa and Jinger don't know what to say, but go with "he has a desk job now." [hahahahaha.] JimBob just says "yes" when asked if Josh likes to eat. Jana says "I think he's eating a lot because he's worked hard today." JimBob mentions that there's a point where you have to cut back... apparently Josh and JimBob are talking of going on a diet together. Jessa says that if they want to do that, fine. If not, there's just more to love. [really? I just spent 5 lines writing about Josh's eating and what everyone thinks of it? THAT'S what stands out about this episode??] They didn't get entire houses built, but the framing was finished. [what was up with the fact that there were a ton of "don't put this in the episode" comments this time?]
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