Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Duggars: A Really Boring Episode

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

If you haven't watched it yet, guys, don't. It's a loser episode. Really boring. In fact, I could sum it up in LESS a tweet: JimBob's got allergies to mold, dust, trees. Anna takes both kids shopping. Josh grills. Family eats out. Should you want the whole run-down, keep reading. But really, it's not worth your time. :-/

19 Kids and Counting "Daddy Duggar's Birthday" (S08E08): Anna thought it would be fun to grill out, so she takes the kids to the store while Josh was at work - this is her first time taking both to the store at the same time. Anna struggles to keep Mackynzie from treating Michael like a doll. [I totally believe it. I have a friend who recently had her second child, and her first is younger than Mackynzie. The first child thought the baby WAS a doll at first.] Anna stays home now, though she used to bring Mackynzie to work. [Why do they still have the H3?? I guess that's Anna's permanent car at this point.] Anna has Mackynzie fist-bumping. [cute but WEIRD.] Josh bought a grill that's been sitting in a box. [typical lazy Josh, anyone?] Josh talks about how macho he is, tossing away the directions and all, and of course he's left with an extra piece... it's only a little table-top gas grill. Oh, and Josh apparently has a secret seasoning mix.

JimBob turns 46 and Michelle takes him to the allergy clinic. JimBob and Michelle are on-camera kissing over 300 times. [that is an a lot I guess. I wonder how many they have of Josh and Anna?] Michelle fills out JimBob's medical forms for him. [this annoys me, but maybe JimBob just has hideous handwriting?] JimBob has been on three different diets in the past year... but the girls don't always consider that when they cook. [hahaha.] JimBob gets pricks in the back to see what he might react to, which hurts more than he was expecting, Turns out, he's allergic to mold, dust, and some types of trees. He's going to take nasal spray since he doesn't want shots. JimBob takes the family for Mexican to celebrate his birthday. He plans to start another diet the next day, LoL.
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