Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two and a Half Men: Walden + Alan...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Blandest episode of the season so far. Alan has to make sure he's got a place to live when Walden starts to think about making a big change, so he sends Walden to therapy... where it's revealed that he needs to be there. Surprise, surprise. Then, the guys act gay to pick up some lesbians... but then they accidentally illustrate their gay relationship to Bridget and her date. meh.

Two and a Half Men "The Squat and the Hover" (S09E06): Alan tells Jake that he doesn't pay rent since Walden doesn't want the money and Jake says that he can't wait until he's got his own friend to live off of. [this made me laugh quite a bit, actually.] Walden comes into the room naked and Alan and Jake are both a little weirded out by it. [...and I'm getting sick of it, frankly.] Walden received the divorce papers and is upset. Walden then starts burning old photos and letters related to Bridget. [you know, like every television character does but nobody in real life really does.] Alan's not really caring, but once Walden mentions that he might move to New York, Alan is all over it (you know, since that would throw a wrench in Alan's living situation). So, Alan convinces Walden to see a therapist. In session, we learn that Walden's very first memory is his father disappearing when he was 3... as a magician. When he was 4, the guy ran off for good, though. Walden says that the saddest day of his life is when his mother stopped taking care of him... the day he got married. [yep, this sounds like someone in need of help to me!] She recommends that he come in three times each week, and he believes it. [you know, because he's crazy gullible.]

Alan and Walden are out to the movies and see Bridget out with a man. Walden opens with his "giant penis," (which Jake is envious of, PS) and the guy she's with thinks that Walden turned gay and that's why he's with Alan. Alan pulls the "left my wallet in the car" gag at the movie concession stand. [knew this would happen, but still.... booooring.] They head to the bar afterward and Walden wants to get drunk... but he meets a girl named Dani, who is with Kiki... they're lesbians but the guys didn't get that at first. And, since Walden wants to be friends with Dani, he kisses Alan to show that they weren't hitting on them, they're gay. ["If a man's gonna kiss me, I prefer he look like the son of God." was a pretty funny line. Alan keeps pulling out some famous gay lines, like "I can't quit you."] Back at the beach house, Walden keeps chatting up Dani, and says that he came out when he was married. Dani comes back inside and Alan had convinced Kiki to kiss him... so Dani punches Alan THREE TIMES. [poor Alan. but seriously, how dumb was Kiki??]

During another night at the movies, Walden tells Alan that he's his best friend, and Alan tells Walden that he feels "he's the luckiest guy in the world," which provokes Bridget's date to question Alan and Walden of being gay. [you know, since the odds are there that they'd ONCE AGAIN be at the movies at the same time...]
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