Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Middle: Axl's a Hero, Sue's in Style, Brick's the Normal One

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

You've got to love a Halloween episode where someone who thought that they were too old for Halloween realizes that it can still be just as fun. That was Axl this time around. You also have to love a Halloween episode where someone chooses a costume that nobody is going to understand. And, just like last time, that was Brick. But, interestingly, the big part of Sue's life in this episode was the fact that she is making an attempt to dress more "normal," during the one week a year that you can get away with dressing "different." For more, read on...

The Middle "Halloween II" (S03E06): Sue is dressed as a die for a Halloween party taking place the week before the holiday. But, the box is so large that she needs to ride in the back of a pick-up truck. [reminds me of the third grade when Kristi G. went as a slice of birthday cake... her parents had to drive her to school and THEN she put it on. everyone else just rode the bus, LoL.] When she gets home, she tells Mike that the party wasn't great... and then asks him what boys want in a girl. Poor Sue is so naive that she then asks why everyone else was wearing itty-bitty costumes at the party. [because somehow she hasn't realized that teens dress differently from grade-schoolers...] The next day, Mike fills in Frankie on the situation, blaming her for not having more "girl talk" with Sue. But Frankie tells him that girls with a close relationship to their father start having sex later, so he heads immediately to her. [hahahahaha!] Sue asks Mike if guys are most into bodies, and he tells her that everyone's into different things and the goal is to find the guy who's into what you have. [not the best response in the world, but pretty good for Mike!] She asks him what to do to be more noticed, and he tells her to stop dressing like a third grader. [a little harsh, but it's pretty true. Though I must admit that I'll be sad if they start changing Sue's wardrobe.] Sue tries a few new looks over the next week, like a hat, a poncho, and a shirt with a dog on it, thinking of it as an animal print. This is getting ridiculous [and Sue has no clue] so Mike gives her $20 to buy herself a "smart outfit" at the mall, and even implores her to ask the salesgirl for help. She comes home with a new top on and Mike begins to freak out, though it's just a fitted purple top with shoulder cut-outs. Mike thinks it's too tight and too grown-up and isn't thrilled that she's wearing it to a boy-girl party. He wants Frankie to confront Sue, but Frankie says that if he has a problem with it, he should say something to her... and he'll have plenty of time, since he's driving her to the party. But, he never does. And, it turns out that he didn't really have to... Sue puts on a zip-up Halloween-themed sweater over it anyway. [hahaha. I didn't see that coming.]

Meanwhile, Brick wants to be a book, and is bummed when Frankie won't make him a costume. [I know that Frankie is busy and all, but it makes me sad how little effort she would put into her children's costumes.] Brick doesn't want to trick-or-treat with the social skills group, since he thinks they're weird. This might now have been a problem, except for the fact that Frankie is in charge of taking the group around. Brick ends up going as the Ghost of Ernest Hemingway, cutting up his "boat sheets" to do so. [see? told you he was going as something people wouldn't get!] Frankie takes the kids in the group out with them holding onto a rope. [you know, like two-year-olds. but, you do what you can, I guess.] When a woman says that she wouldn't let her kids "get away with that," referring to the way that Frankie had the kids all over the place and blocking a walkway, Frankie gets upset. After all, she had apologized and it wasn't acknowledged. So, she hunts down the woman and confronts her, hoping that the kids will see how to deal with different social situations. The woman apologizes so all is well in the end.

Axl, who was originally calling it "how-lame-ween," hatches a plan to go get all the candy from the neighbors and then sell it back to other kids, figuring on the speed, grabbing ability, and costume-changing capabilities of him and his friends. So, on Halloween, they dress as superheroes for "round 1." But, on their way to change for "round 2," they find that a crime has been committed. A girl dressed as Lady GaGa (in the bubbles costume) and her brother had their candy stolen... so the guy go after the thieves. They retrieve the candy and deliver it back to the young kids. [who shouldn't have been alone in the first place... who was with them??] Axl and the others bring the candy back to the kids and are off again, enjoying the age-old tradition of trading loot after a nice haul. [see? it's good to be a kid again! you're never too old to enjoy some good, clean fun!]  
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