Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HIMYM: Ted Finds the Slutty Pumpkin

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I know I'm not the only person who thought that this episode was a giant let-down. Maybe it had something to do with the casting of Katie Holmes as the Slutty Pumpkin. Maybe it was the way that Ted finally found her. Maybe it was the weirdness that she had been searching for him all this time, too. Or maybe it was the fact that they won't date for any length of time... all this lead up for SluttyPumpkinGirl (also known as Naomi) to make a single appearance on the show. On the bright side, Robin had a lot of good Candianisms this week, and seeing Barney cringe multiple times was funny. Well, that's one more thing that's been cleared up about this show anyway! My next big question? When will Lily start showing? We know that she's past the half-way mark...

How I Met Your Mother "The Slutty Pumpkin Returns" (S07E08): Barney has been making fun of Candians forever, and that finally bites him when Robin finds out from his father (via facebook... the entire group is friends with Barney's father) that Barney's grandmother was born in Ontario. [a) hahahahaha. and b) awkward that everyone else is friends with the guy!] Later, Ted is out walking and sees the "slutty pumpkin" costume in a store window, so he goes in to find out who rented it in 2001. [yes, that's right. It has been ten full years since that fateful Halloween night...] Well, Ted wastes no time and goes straight to her apartment. She recognizes him immediately. [what? how? I don't believe it. I don't even know if I believed that Ted recognized HER at that point!] Ted takes her for a date on the roof of the building, which was cute. Unfortunately, he didn't like kissing her. While this is going on, Lily and Marshall visit her grandparents in the suburbs... and they give her the key to their house, as they're moving to Florida. Now, Lily had previously never wanted to move to the suburbs, but she's very excited about the possibility right now, since there's a baby on the way and all. Marshall is also thrilled, [he would be...] but Robin tells him that Lily's only happy about the idea because she's pregnant.[what's with Robin's hair? It's so outdated... and manly.] So, Marshall has to tell Lily that they should put off moving because the pregnancy is affected her judgment. [I can only hope that I don't get like that! ack!] Ted is very uncomfortable with Naomi, and can't figure out that maybe it's not meant to be. The next date is even worse. [The Temple Grandin reference is wacky.] Robin continues to poke fun at Barney, but tells him she'll stop harassing him if he'll dress as a Canadian Mountie for Halloween.

Halloween comes and Barney he puts that costume on, but ends up showing up as an Uncle Sam boxer, complete with "Living in America" playing as he arrives. [it made me giggle anyway!] Robin is dressed as a Canadian hockey player. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily are at the suburban house giving out candy. There's a strange double-entendre scene where Marshall and Lily talk about the house as if it were sex. [did anyone else think that seemed awkwardly forced?] Lily realizes that they shouldn't make any major life decisions right now. [I guess I'm glad that she realized that?] Back in Manhattan, Ted is about to break up with Naomi, but she's dressed as the slutty pumpkin and he gives in, especially after she makes him another Hanging Chad costume. He can't help himself from saying "I love you," even though it's the last thing he wanted to do.
They have sex, then head over to the rooftop party. [geez, Ted. I really thought that you were going to be able to stay true to yourself here! guess not...] She goes to make her signature "tootsie roll cocktail," but ends up confronting Ted, telling him that everything feels off. We see the same scenes that Ted felt awkward in, but this time with her voiceovers instead. [nice writing once again!] Turns out, she also wants to break up, though she looked for him for all those years, too.

The end scene? Uncle Sam Barney beating up Mountie Barney. [whoa.... weird.]
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