Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 Broke Girls: The End of the Shoppe

Unexpected trivia: Caroline knows a little sign language! We've seen characters whip out a second language on and off throughout television history (and not just Ricky Ricardo's Spanish. Remember Clair Huxtable's Spanish?), but with Switched at Birth doing so well and about to feature a silent episode, utilizing the fluent ASL of many of the drama's characters, it's not surprising that broadcast network shows would flaunt a little here and there. Of course, Caroline didn't do so well, so maybe it's not meant to be a memorable episode... except for the fact that this is the one where the girls go back to the drawing board with their business. That's right, they've experienced some great successes over the past forty episodes, and now they're back to a single dollar of company savings. What do you think they'll do next? I predict they go for a cupcake food truck. It's a bit out there, I know. (and, no, I didn't just say that because Switched at Birth had a food truck this season!)

2 Broke Girls "And the Not-So-Sweet Charity" (S02E18): The girls are close to eviction, having not paid rent for three months. [...why not? They're up to $3800 so they could certainly pay SOME of what they owe!] But, then they're offered a corporate buy-out of $25,000... and if they don't take it, they'll have to pay $25,000 for six months of rent because of their poor history. So, despite the fact that Max has stopped baking certain cupcake varieties because they don't sell and the girls have no ideas, Caroline fights for the store, as a Whole Foods going into their area will bring celebrities. [I don't think that alone would solve their problems...] Caroline even visits an aunt who hates her to try getting an investment from her, but Charity acts disappointed that the girls didn't bring product samples. [...and why didn't they?]
Sonja Flemming/CBS
So, Caroline goes home, bakes, and returns. [well, we all know Max really did the baking, but whatever.] This time, however, Charity is in severe pain because she had two layers of skin peeled from her face and is on morphine lollipops. [I didn't know those existed!] Caroline volunteers to change the woman's face bandages, then stuffs a cupcake in her mouth so she can try it. [freaky] She thinks it's good, admits to hiding Caroline's seagull mug years ago (and returns it, crazily enough!), and ultimately decides to write her a check for being pushy. [the woman's face peeling off was super gross.] But, she stops payment on it and the girls accept the buy-out, which leaves them virtually broke after they pay back everyone who had invested. [that car crashing through the building was a monstrosity! Imagine if that had happened and they didn't have insurance!]

Cupcakery Savings: $1.00
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