Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Court, School, Boys

Chelsea is officially in school, and Aubree is in daycare. How fortunate that classes start every month in the cosmetology area and she doesn't have to wait for a new semester to start or anything! Also fortunate was that Kailyn worked out a deal with Jo that will give them both counseling and help them co-parent; I think that the couple really needs some assistance in this area. With Leah and Jenelle, boys are back to being the center of the girls' universes. Leah struggles to choose between Corey and Jeremy for the tenth time while Jenelle finds out that Gary slept with one of her friends just as they were becoming a couple, and she may now turn to Kieffer instead. Although neither situation truly surprises me, I am stunned that neither girl has matured much in the relationship department in quite some time...

Teen Mom 2 "Love Hurts" (S04E02):
Kailyn: She feels bad that she filed a formal complaint just to prove that Jo shouldn't mess with her. [I think we can all agree that was stupid.] She thinks that things are only going to get worse, but maybe some anger management counseling would be beneficial. Jo's lawyer believes that everything should be dropped, as it was more of an altercation than abuse. [also true.] She's worried that his family will lie and say that they witnessed the situation, so when her lawyer texts to say it would be best if the couple worked things out before they see the judge, she agrees. They drop the PFA, agree to counseling, and put a mandate in place that requires custodial exchanges take place between the parents only, nobody else. [fair enough.] The judge accepts the agreement and everything is over. [I still felt a little bad that Jo had to go two weeks without seeing Isaac.]

Chelsea: Chelsea is nervous at school and struggles to talk to other people. [who has to define "mingle" ?? I'm a bit scared at how unintelligent these people may be!] She doesn't think it's Adam's business if she's in school. Aubree thrives at daycare.
Jenelle: She studies and tries to avoid Kieffer, though she admits to her friend that she'd probably be with Kieffer if she hadn't met Gary four months earlier. [no surprise.] Of course, things get ruined when Tori tells Jenelle that she hooked up with Gary a while back. And, Barbara and Jace move to a new house. [that was unexpected.] 

Leah: She is still holding out for Corey, who admits that he still has feelings for her. Jeremy says that, six months ago, he didn't think they'd last. [Aleeah singing her ABCs was cute, though it took me a moment to realize that's what the song was.] She returns to birth control and tells Jeremy about her confusion. [he's much more patient with her than I would be!]
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