Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Switched at Birth: Carlton is in Trouble, as is Regina

I feel as if the school board meeting snuck up on everyone but Melody. Surely Kathryn would have cared more, and certainly Regina, if they knew what was taking place. Why weren't more kids at Carlton concerned, too? When I was in high school we knew what the school board was voting on when, and I don't think it was an isolated incident, either. I'm not sure what the closure of the deaf school in the area is going to mean for the show... next "year," Bay and Daphne (and Emmett and Travis) should be seniors, though I wouldn't be surprised if this show attempts to milk more than three seasons out of the girls' high school careers. Onto other surprising things, I wasn't sure how to process Daphne's story about living in a car for a week during first grade because Regina used the rent money to take Daphne to the doctor for strep throat. Yes, Regina put a sick Daphne first, but that's an isolated incident when we've heard of several bad ones from Adriana. One right doesn't cancel all wrongs.

Switched at Birth "Tight Rope Walker" (S02E08):  Daphne tries to memorize her lines as the nurse in Romeo & Juliet, but Kathryn thinks that she should take over as Juliet when the lead drops. [sidenote: Noah now wears a hearing aid.] She agrees, but later finds out that the original girl quit the play because she didn't want to be part of some propaganda about how well the hearing students and deaf students get along. [uh oh... and who says "Scene 4, Act II" ?] Well, Melody is still against the incorporation of hearing and deaf students, and leads a charge to the school board meeting to protest the closure of Carlton. Daphne initially intends to stay at rehearsal but decides to go to the meeting, and speaks up about the situation and the priorities of the school board. However, the school board votes to close the school, sell the property, and integrate the deaf students into other schools next year. [that really is devastating.]

Another event on the Melody front: she's really started looking out for Travis, making an appointment for him to talk to a counselor from Gallaudet University and encouraging him to become a teacher. So, when Emmett later suggests that Travis move in with them, she happily agrees. [I'm betting this is gonna lead to some good scenes, both drama and comedy!]

Okay, moving on to other characters... Bay asks Daphne if she's noticed anything weird about Regina, and recounts the strange encounter the other night. Bay wants to meet Zane and Regina wants to meet Noah, so the four of them plan to have dinner with Daphne. [I was shocked at how much trouble Bay and Noah are having in finding common ground. when you're a teen, it's pretty easy... see movies, go out to eat, roam the mall, play mini-golf...] Bay becomes obsessed with finding out if Regina is drinking again, and decides to confront Zane about it, telling him about Regina's history with alcoholism. It shocks him and he tells Regina that he doesn't want to be a bad influence, crushing her. As a result, Regina yells at Bay to stay out of her business, but then apologizes and agrees to start up with AA again. Bay promises not to tell anyone, but I imagine that will soon come to an end, as Regina struggles to confess to her sponsor. [but I still don't quite care enough... maybe next episode it'll become a big enough problem to really raise some red flags? also, be aware that she has spoken with her sponsor before since the series started.]

Elisa's mother (John's opponent) tells John that the kids were hanging out together. John questions Toby about it, but he shies away from the rebellious girl after learning that she steals from her mother for "emotional abuse." [hahaha!] Instead, he turns back to Nikki, telling her that she's the first girl he's ever loved and that he has faith in their relationship and that she should, too. [double or nothing he starts going to church again!] 
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