Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HIMYM: ANOTHER Play for the Book??

First, my husband and I have totally celebrated two people breaking up. It seems that the internet found that to be evil of Barney and Robin, but I want you to know it really happen. Second, I loved that magic Barney pulled, both when he pulled scarves and cards and flowers out of his jacket and when he whips out tickets to multiple events that night on-the-spot! But, I must protest over a guest character, Jeanette, being the one to destroy Barney's life's work! I was shocked and dismayed to see that, and really wonder what the writers are doing at this point!
Ron P. Jaffe/Fox
How I Met Your Mother "Weekend at Barney's" (S08E18): Ted decides to invite Jeanette as his guest to Barney and Robin's wedding, but, she dumps him because "he's too intense." [coming from the girl who freaked out over a SPAM email that could have indicated Ted was cheating on her.]

Barney dreams up scenarios he could create for The Playbook involving Marshall and Ted acting like they're in Weekend at Bernie's (the original AND the sequel), and we soon learn that Barney actually didn't burn the real one, which he lends to Ted so that he could find someone new. [good!] They go with "The Special Delivery," "The Kidney," and "The 'I Have a Pet Loch Ness Monster,'" with Ted wearing an earpiece as Barney feeds him lines. [all of which were truly ridiculous.] None really work, and Robin walks in on Barney and The Playbook so she gets upset. [duh.] Barney goes after her, explaining that lying is what he does best. For some reason, she accepts him and they makeup, though Ted winds up with crazy Jeanette again. [is that a bowl of matches?]

Elsewhere, Lily and Marshall are at an art gallery where she is hoping to talk with the artist. [man, Marshall's jokes are BAD!] Things don't look promising, however, when the artist asks for a moment of silence for his grandmother, and Marshall's entire bag of Skittles spills onto the floor. [holy crow!] But, fortunately, the artist is a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and his jokes are just as bad as Marshall's, so they do meet in the end. [whoopty do?]
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