Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two and a Half Men: Thoughts from Charlie; Walden All Around!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Finally, some Jake! I have honestly been missing him lately. Evelyn had some funny moments. Berta had a good line. But really, this episode did two things. First, it showed everything Alan said and thought being confirmed, which rarely happens. Second, Walden is actually a quirky guy, evidenced by some of his remarks this time around.

Two and a Half Men "Those Fancy Japanese Toilets" (S09E07): Evelyn found out that Charlie had a safety deposit box... and she tells Alan that the only thing in it was his journal. [I was just as confused at this as the next guy... why would Charlie both writing random things down and keep them so hidden? You'd have to go there all the time to update it!] Walden wants some redecoration in his home. It appears that Evelyn is a building inspector, a real estate agent, a bail bondsman, notary public, mortgage broker, and an interior designer. [this seems pretty unbelievable. Though, we are in a recession...] He wants the home to reflect who he is... "I got a buttload of money. I'm a pretty simple guy. I like people but I don't entertain a lot. I'm not a neat freak but I don't like clutter. And the most important thing is that I want the house to use green renewable energy, you know like solar power and wind power." [well if that doesn't say it all...] Berta is shopping around a memoir on Charlie. [I love this idea. I hope that this gets brought up again!] Jake is getting chemistry tutoring from a girl named Megan, who finds Walden attractive. [yeah, her and every other female we've seen on this show... but I just don't get it. Looking at him gives me the creeps!] Jake tells Alan that they need to get rid of Walden, as he's stealing the girls. [LoL at always losing out to smarter, better-looking men being a family tradition.] Walden he knows just what he wants in the bathroom but in the bedroom all he wants is "cooler." [I actually found this really funny. I guess I just thought that if you know what you want in one room, how could you have basically no clue in another?] Fun fact: Walden finds Ellen DeGeneres and women who look like Bridget attractive.

Now, it's another day. Megan is tutoring Jake again and Walden comes in, turning her on... so much that she takes Jake to his room. [...whoa.] Alan warns Walden that Evelyn is like a "super-duper uber cougar." [why wasn't THAT chosen to be the title of the episode? Too obvious? LoL!] After some furniture shopping, Evelyn invites Walden in for a drink. He tells her that Alan called her a cougar, and she tells him not to worry... next thing you know, they slept together. [::shaking my head:: she looks nothing like Bridget!] Throughout the episode, Alan has been reading Charlie's journal... some of the highlights include realizing that his brother loved him and a mention of buying a $100,000 Cartier watch that he kept in the safety deposit box. Alan had already questioned a new watch that Evelyn was wearing earlier... yep, same one! [hahahahaha! but seriously... who spends that on a WATCH?!?] When Walden gets home, Alan realizes that Evelyn slept with him. Jake thanks him, since Megan definitely got him some action of some sort after she looked at Walden.
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