Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 Broke Girls: Insulting Cupcakes?

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

A few things really stand out about this episode. First, I think that all three of the cupcake flavors mentioned today suck. I wouldn't want to buy any of them, though I might sample the Chocolate Curry. Second, what was the point of introducing a guy who is crushing on Caroline? Are the girls both going to have relationships soon? Is Caroline going to have an ongoing thing where she won't date guys because she's working on her business projects? What's wrong with a pink sheets set? And I thought that Han could have made some amusing comments about the "prettiness" of the cupcakes had he been given the opportunity...

2 Broke Girls "And the Pretty Problem" (S01E07): The episode starts like almost any other... with some customers angering Max and Max just telling them  off... only this time they are elderly ladies. [still funny, tho!] Meanwhile, Caroline chats with some trendy patrons and sends Max over to meet them since they loved the cupcakes. They compliment her and she thanks them. [why not give them a card?] The group suggests that Max sell cupcakes at a coffeeshop in their building, which Caroline thinks is a great idea. However, Han takes it offensively that they might also sell someplace else. [Han was pretty useless in this episode, really.] Then, Johnny and a friend come in and sit at the counter, which is Caroline's section. Johnny immediately heads to the freezer to tell Max that his friend is crushing on Caroline. ["once you go Ukraine you'll scream with sex pain" was an awkward yet humorous line.] Caroline tells Max that the guy isn't her type, and Max suggests that Caroline won't give the guy a chance because he's Puerto Rican. Caroline refutes this by saying she dated a Spaniard once. [LoL.]

The next day at the coffeeshop, the very "granola" owner says that Max's cupcakes aren't pretty enough to sell. [I enjoyed Max freaking out under her breath as the woman introduces herself.] Caroline talks up the cupcakes, mentioning the flavors they have with them - Coconut Coffee, Chocolate Curry, Blueberry Lemon Zest, but it's no use. The owner won't even try one. [I liked Caroline's wording with the whole "introducing their wares to local boulangeries." oh, and nice Battlefield Earth reference!] Well, Caroline decides that they need to increase their decorating skills, so she goes to a bakery supply store to get a decorating kit, then finds a cheap cake decorating class for them to take.

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS
The criticism at the coffeeshop was enough to stop Max from bringing any cupcakes to the diner that night. [sad.] The next day (or so it seems), they head to the Spice & Sugar bakery, run by some Italian cousins. There are six people in the class, and three of the four guys are named Michael... and all are gay. [I thought that this was very strange. was it just me?] The lazy girls criticize Caroline's first flower as well as her rose. They knock Max's rose as well. Their homework is to come back the next day with a cupcake that has a "pretty" rose on it. It took Max 3 hours and 40 minutes to make a pretty rose, but she did it! [good for her! and roses are pretty freaking hard...] Caroline doesn't even do the assignment. [really? I would have figured that Caroline would never attend a course without completing her homework!] Max also did some insulting cupcakes to tell off the instructors, and Caroline realizes that insulting cupcakes might work for them. Two of the guys in the class are getting married and want the girls to make them cupcakes for their bachelor party... so maybe they have a chance at this after all! [I only half-get the desire to have insulting cupcakes...]

[what was with Max saying that Caroline's new bedding looks like a vagina? I didn't follow that.]

New Total: $383.25.
[another decrease...]
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Anonymous said...

it looked like a vagina cuz it was like pink and u go in it [Lol.]

GF said...

it`s a large pink hole, with curtains..............{lol}