Monday, December 5, 2011

2 Broke Girls: No More Chestnut

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

There were plenty of people on the internet who thought that Chestnut was doing nothing for this show. They wanted him gone, as he wasn't doing much but poking his head in and making it difficult to believe that the girls were getting away with having him in a Brooklyn backyard for so long. I was not in that camp - I found Chestnut to be rather hilarious. No, he didn't have any major plot points. And yes, I also found it hard to believe that the girls were taking him for walks and whatnot. But I went with it. Well, we've written off Chestnut now, but at least he was given a fond farewell (oh so many pets on television simply disappear... Brady Bunch's Fluffy or Clarissa Explains It All's alligator, anyone?). I really gotta say, though, I'm getting really ticked that the money that Max and Caroline have been saving is not going up at all. I wasn't expecting them to not buy Christmas presents for anyone. I wasn't expecting them to live without heat. But could we at least have them find a quarter on the ground every now and then? I worry that the draw of the show is changing. On the bright side, however, there weren't too many sexual jokes in this episode...

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS
2 Broke Girls "And the Reality Check" (S01E11): Han struggles with telling the difference between the homeless and the hipsters. [LoL to that. Not so much to, "you're so white I'm worried we're going to lose you."] Caroline doesn't think that it'll snow for weeks, but Max is worried that Chestnut will freeze to death. Oleg and Earl both think it will snow. And, sure enough, the next morning, it's snowing. As the picture to the right indicates, Caroline puts her coat on Chestnut and wears a garbage bag to keep herself dry. [that's sacrifice, folks!] Chestnut is also donning a scarf and cashmere leggings. While Caroline has stolen a tarp from a closed restaurant to try and shade Chestnut, she's using just a broom to try and clear the area around him. [a broom! Max grew up in the area and doesn't own a shovel? But, of course, I'm constantly skeptical of this "backyard" that they seem to have...] [LoL J. Edgar Hoofer]

Caroline goes to her nannying job, and it seems that Peach is up for a role on The Real Housewives of TriBeCa. Peach's BFF is also up for the show, and since she has a three-legged corgi, Peach wants a disabled animal....  cue Max promoting Chestnut as a horse with "gender identity issues," plus the fact that it once belonged to a celebrity. [I particularly liked that, when Peach asked Max how she knew Caroline, Max replied that Caroline is her AA sponsor. hahahahaha! BUT, it was might strange that Peach was happy that Max has a drinking problem....]

Chestnut is now staying in Max's room to stay warm, causing the girls to sleep together in Caroline's bed. Caroline doesn't want to give the horse away, even though Max claims that Peach will put him up in a great place. ["one of my cups is half-full" regarding Chestnut eating part of Max's bra - hilarious.] Instead, Caroline wants to take Max to a stable five miles away, where the owner often has the horses appear in movies. When they arrive (wearing coats borrowed from Oleg to appear ritzier), he says that Chestnut is out of shape and not worth anything to him. [well, yeah. the horse has been living in a Brooklyn backyard for a while...] Caroline starts insulting the guy, but eventually they just leave. They head to Peach's, Max in her old coat and Caroline in her trash bag. When they get there, there's a camera crew, so Caroline removes the trash bag, acts all rich, and waltzes in. She and Peach pretend to know one another (as Caroline explains, rich people always pretend to know one another). Peach says that Max is her alcoholic servant (and the room turns to focus on Max as she swigs some champagne), and thanks Caroline for the opportunity to adopt the horse. Chestnut will have a big stable now, and the girls say goodbye to him. Max gives Chestnut a voice and pretends that they're BFFs, thanking him one last time for "being fuzzy." [weird/funny?]

Two other funny moments: Oleg takes a picture of his genitalia on a customer's camera. Max's browser history has funny kitten videos. LoL.

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