Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Two and a Half Men: Rose Has an Apprentice

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

When this episode began I asked my husband if he thought we'd ever see Rose again. He said he didn't know, and I was a bit sad... she was a pretty unique character. Well, good news for me and for others who liked her... she's back! At the end of the episode, Rose catches Bridget spying on Walden. It doesn't take much convincing to get Bridget to follow Rose in her signature vault-over-the-balcony move, so I'm fairly certain that Bridget will soon become a protege for Rose. I'm curious as to how that will play out in the long run, and whether Alan will catch on and fill in Walden or what.

Two and a Half Men "A Lovely Landing Strip" (S09E11): The opening scene has a rather droll argument between Walden and another coffeshop customer, fighting over a chair. After Zoe arrives, the tiff is over. We learn that it has been a week since Zoe and Walden's first date, and that Walden now feels he's over his wife. There's another dumb scene where nobody in the room will let Walden borrow a pen to sign his divorce papers until he offers $100.

Photo: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros.
Walden invites Zoe to dinner over the weekend...  in Guadalajara. [Walden trying to speak with a British accent was almost bizarre.] Walden jumps the gun and talks about making plans for Christmas. [the @, the Del and the Alt are weird decor, don't you think?] Alan and Jake agree that Walden is rushing into things, but Walden and Zoe still fly to Mexico. He gets her a very nice necklace that she won't accept. However, once he mentions that he knows people and got her daughter into a great kindergarten, Zoe practically jumps him and they get intimate. [lots of Jake's "dumb moments" are funny, but the "Cameron Diaz" instead of "Buenas Dias" mishap seemed SO forced!]

Later, Bridget shows up at the house, claiming that she loves Walden and wants him back. She lets herself in and brings Walden upstairs. She repeatedly tells him that she loves him, and Walden, freaking out, goes to Alan for advice. Of course, Alan suggests he stay with Zoe, because picking Bridget would cause him to sell the house. [the sticky wicket part was funny. I totally loved the, "I'd like for you to sign the divorce papers so we can both go find people we like better. Friends?" hahahahaha!] Bridget ends up storming out. Jake brings up a point to Alan that, perhaps, the house is haunted by angry women..."sometimes at night, if I'm really quiet, I can hear them b!tching." Well, the pissed Bridget drives into the side of the house... and the end scene is the aforementioned encounter between Bridget and Rose.
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