Saturday, June 18, 2011

Anthony's DJ Cake; Sextuplets are 7; Josie has Seizures

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Reviews & [Commentaries] for "unscripted" shows this week include: Cake Boss, Kate Plus Eight, 19 Kids and Counting, and 16 and Pregnant.

ake Boss "Headphones, Helicopters, & Handcuffed" (S04E16):  The cake factory construction at Lackawanna is going well. Joey tells Anthony that he needs to take work more seriously. [I totally believe that!] Anthony is turning 21, and if he doesn't want to be a baker, he needs to stop trying and go do something else. Anthony is going to DJ his birthday. [odd choice, but whatever.] The bakery is going to do a surprise DJ cake for him. They're going to put LED lights and spinning turntables on it. [neat!] They're putting some "old school Italian liquor" in the cake. Buddy is also doing a helicopter cake, which will be delivered by helicopter to the hospital. Buddy tells Anthony to make sure he takes time to measure everything correctly. [let's be serious... baking is total chemistry. measurement matters!] Anthony recognizes that he needs to step up. [good!] Buddy wants to fly a remote control helicopter and land it on the cake at the presentation. [those things aren't that easy!] Buddy wants to cover that remote control helicopter in modeling chocolate as well. [It was nice that] Buddy's mom came up to wish Anthony a happy birthday. [I loved the helicopter cake in the end, it was great!] Some flashbacks to old pranks... and this time they handcuff Anthony to a door so they can splatter him and pie him easily. [haha] Anthony thought the DJ cake was cool. Anthony got a baker's uniform coat and he's thrilled. [good for him!] 
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Kate Plus Eight "6 Becomes 7!" and "Chicks & Eggs" (S02E07 & S02E08): They're having a pool party for the sextuplets' birthday. They're having the pool rebuilt, and it takes a month. Each child invited had a parent accompany them. [my mom wouldn't have gone for that, LoL.] Kate is getting sued for not paying therapy bills. Kate buys tons of stuff at the party store. She buys them each a hat to wear to school on their birthday. [I found this slightly strange.] She had a swirl slide put in, too. Kate let the kids help design the birthday cake. [cool.] Kate didn't even order the food and cake until 3 days before the party! [I don't get why not. and she never explains it.] Kate wasn't thrilled that she needed to order the food, but she just didn't have time to make it herself this time. [loving Kate's lipcolor in the interview this time!] The kids know their mom is stressed. She's designing a treasure hunt, too. [cool, but probably would've been cooler if they were a year or two older.] The kids helped stuff the goody bags. [good way to get them involved.] It's supposed to rain. The treasure hunt is driving Kate crazy, since the clues might be mixed up. [those are difficult. I created one like this once.] Mady and Cara and their friends [why are their friends there?] were a separate team at the treasure hunt. [I don't understand why you'd want so many parents standing around.] They also have a diving board. [the caption had pinata spelled wrong.] It started raining so they brought the party inside. Overall, the party was a success. [and not nearly as interesting as some of the past parties, in my opinion.]

Kate is celebrating Easter early with the kids because it's not her year to have them on the actual holiday or something. Kate wants to have more organic hens so the family is going to hatch chicks with an incubator. [but we never see the chicks... did it not work out for them? was Kate using grocery store eggs or the real kind of eggs you can hatch chickens from?] Kate put puzzle pieces in some of the plastic eggs, and the kids put together puzzles to find out what their Easter present is. [neat idea! I love it. we just found empty eggs when I was a kid and we loved that!] The kids decorated rice krispie bunnies and eggs. [cute.] Then they dyed eggs outside [they're wearing jackets. even though we just saw an episode with a pool party. what?] The Easter Egg Hunt keeps getting bigger each year, and they're doing hundreds of eggs now. 700. [700!!??! we did two dozen or so!] Colin collects the most, every year. [um, I'm still not over the SEVEN HUNDRED EGGS part!] Kate actually gives the kids new baskets to keep collecting eggs! And Kate empties some of them back out again! [this shocked me! how unfair! sounds like the kind of thing my mom would've done, LoL!] Aaden was collecting the least and Kate started letting all of the eggs found by anyone be for Aaden [which was even worse]. The kids struggle with putting together the puzzles. [is this not something kids do in the winter anymore? My brother and I had puzzle races all the time!] There were a lot of missing pieces, so Kate had to help in the end. [oh. no wonder it was hard for them. okay.] Some of the kids got toys probably meant for another kid, so Kate tried to let the kids trade. [but the system to do so was weird. and she had extra toys, so it should've worked out, LoL.]

19 Kids and Counting "Kids to the Rescue" and "Duggars Focus on Family" (S07E02 & S07E03): [well, I'm going with this numbering, I guess.] JimBob and Michelle are going to El Salvador for 3-4 days, and Michelle cuts his hair before they leave. They're advocating for a speedier process for Americans to adopt in that country. [Michelle's curls are looking really tight here.] Michelle cut JimBob's hair a little differently this time. This is Michelle's first time using a passport, though she went on a mission trip to Mexico when she was in her 20s. [wow. all the trips the family goes on and Michelle has NEVER gone??] Josie is really moving around now, almost ready to walk. Anna is over there to help. Gil and Kelly Bates were also going to El Salvador. [Anna is looking rather stylish while pregnant.] She makes homemade ice cream with the kids. Turns out, Anna didn't put enough salt on the ice, so they eat store-bought instead. [did we know that Joy got braces? I can't remember, LoL.] The kids go to ride go-karts, but Jana stayed with Josie, who had a small fever. Josie's monitors go off and she wasn't responding normally, so Jana had Jill cal 911. It looked like Josie was having a seizure. John-David's pager went off, since he's a volunteer firefighter. [I thought that it was funny that he didn't realize the address was his own, LoL.] The kids called the parents, and Michelle was shocked. Michelle also prayed over the phone. JimBob and Michelle drove straight to the hospital from the airport. [why did they park a car there? For a family that really thrives on saving, why not have one of the kids drop them off and pick them up?] Turns out, she had the fever from cutting teeth. [It was nice to see a lot of Jana this episode, even if it was because of Josie not doing well.]

[I'm a little confused on why they're clearly showing these out of order. The family was in Colorado during the first episode of the season, then they weren't, now they are again. But they went to Colorado only once, so why not show the related episodes in a row? Reminded me of my last trip out to CO.] 23 people in 5 rooms. The next morning they went to the Garden of the Gods. Jinger took a lot of photos. The kids played in the drainage pipes a little. [really? gross.] Michelle flew out for this part of the trip. The family listens to Adventures in Odyssey on the radio twice a day, so they were familiar with the characters and the play stuff for Whit's End. They had some World Famous Chocolate Soda, or, Wodfamchocsod, for those in-the-know. The kids saw how some sound effects are done for the radio show. [I bet they enjoyed that.] The Duggars' new book was available for the first time. [haha, JimBob is still sporting his old hairstyle, another example of episodes out-of-order.] The family does about 30 public appearances per year. [I didn't realize it would be so high!] Family violin performance, then the parents gave their testimonies. [why don't any of the older kids give their stories?] Then, a book signing. The next day, Michelle flew home and the rest of the family went to the Royal Gorge Bridge Park. They took an aerial tram out over it, and did an incline railway back down. [those are okay. this one was probably neater than the one at Niagara Falls.] Jonathan, the family friend, is still there, too. A few of them do the skycoaster. Jinger doesn't like heights. [overall, I thought that park was cool, but there were a lot of dangers for so many little kids...]

16 and Pregnant "Taylor" (S03E08):  15, from Cincinnati. Wants to be a nurse. Close to her mom since her dad left. Has a sister down the street with a family of her own. She's with Nathan (a year older, also has no father). Her mom thinks she's too young to be serious.
July, 28 weeks: it's summer. They only live a few blocks apart, and neither can drive yet. [these are the teen moms who piss me off the most - the ones who truly have to rely on others for absolutely EVERYTHING!] She thought about putting food coloring on tampons to make her mom think she was still getting her period. [disgusting. what, does her mom look through her garbage??] Her mom was pregnant at 17 and gave that baby up for adoption. Her mom is worried about them trying to take care of the baby, and wants Taylor to give her baby up for adoption. The baby will be a girl. Nathan doesn't believe in abortion or adoption. Nathan's mom is supportive of keeping the baby, and is against adoption because she thinks that parents should stick together. They met at a skating rink and they go skating again. [I'm not cool with that, since you can fall pretty easily and hurt the baby.] Taylor tells her mom that she wants to keep the baby.
August, 30 weeks: Nathan is gaining sympathy pounds. Taylor's sister and mother talk to her. She doesn't want Taylor to have a rude awakening. They'll name the baby Aubri. Taylor is concerned about how they'll support the baby, and Nathan turned 16 so he can get a job.
August, 32 weeks: Taylor does some babysitting to make some money. Nathan hasn't even submitted any job applications yet. Taylor is worried that Nathan might not be mature enough. [I would be, too.]
September, 33 weeks: Nathan and his mom and Taylor go to a second-hand store to pick up some stuff for the baby.
September, 34 weeks: Nathan started applying for jobs. School starts, and she doesn't have a lot of clothes that fit. She goes shopping with a friend. She might have to do virtual school after the baby is born. She doesn't want people touching her belly.
September, 35 weeks: Taylor's mom wants Nathan to come over every other night to help. [not a bad scheduling idea...] The moms are worried about who will stay with the baby during the day. Nathan wants Taylor to be the one who stays home. Taylor didn't think about the fact that she'd need to give up high school to keep the baby.
October, 39 weeks: It's Halloween and they go trick-or-treating. [What was her friend supposed to be? She just had random paint on her face.]
November, due date imminent: 5 days after we find out the due date is near, she gets induced. She's over-packing for the hospital stay. [I'll never get the people who wait this long to pack the hospital bag. I feel like that's something I'd do around 30 weeks, LoL.] She gets pitocin. At 13 hours, she wants to go home, but obviously she can't. She gets an epidural. Nathan cuts the cord. Aubri Rose is born November 11th at 7 lbs. 4 oz.
One Day Old: they're discharged. Her sister is helping out. Taylor and Nathan realize that they have a lot to learn.
One Week Old: Nathan is back at school, and he's starting to slack off with helping out. Taylor starts virtual school in two weeks. He's staying at his mom's more.
Two Weeks Old: Nathan still doesn't have a job. Taylor's mom tells him to try harder. Taylor's friend comes over to see the baby. [The baby makes some really cute faces!]
December, 1 Month Old: Taylor suggests that they switch places - she'll go to regular school and get a job, and Nathan would do virtual school. He doesn't go for it. Her mom and sister ask how things are going and suggest that Taylor confront him about helping out. She confronts him and he kinda denies that there's any problem. Taylor's mom confronts Nathan. She says that if they can't handle it, the baby needs to get put up for adoption.
December, 9 weeks old: [there goes MTV again, screwing up the dates. If the baby was born November 11th, she can't be 9 weeks old the next month.] Taylor confronts Nathan again. [I can't stand Taylor's nails!] Taylor doesn't regret having Aubri, but wishes she didn't have her so young.

Wipeout  (Season 5 next week)
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Off season/Coming Up:
Teen Mom  (season 3 starts July 5th)
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Pregnant in Heels (Season 2?)
The Unpoppables  (we saw six episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Outrageous Kid Parties  (we saw four episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
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