Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Camp: Splitting Wood, Splitting Teams

First, a note for those who watch this series via DVR: be sure to set it to record ten minutes longer than the scheduled time. This is the second episode that has been truncated because the wrestling program on right before it runs long.

There's probably a reason that this series started out at the 8pm Thursday slot and now airs at 11:05pm Mondays. The reality competition is nearly entirely cliquey garbage at this point, extremely evidenced by the short amount of time spent on the Color War event in comparison to the choosing of the captains, selection of the banished, and voting for the dismissed. At this point I find all of the remaining girls annoying for one reason or another, though I still am positive about Moises, Chuck, and Kyle for the most part. With Isis gone, I wonder if Melinda will become the new Chris, as far as "the banished" are concerned...

Remaining Campers:
Rachel - 27, Wrightsville Beach, NC, "The Yogi." She has been Counselor.
Michelle - 24, Lafayette, LA, "The Bayou Bodybuilder" (aka Hooters bartender).
Melinda - 26, Denver, "The Geek." She does cosplay, was bullied at camp when she was younger, and is clumsy, especially for a professional stuntwoman. She has been banished once already.
Lauren - 23, Woodbury, MN, "The Mean Girl." She plays men's hockey. She has been banished once already and has been a Counselor once already.
Brooke - 23, Salt Lake City, "The Model." She attended a Mormon summer camp growing up. She has been Counselor.
Isis - 33, Los Angeles, "The Pageant Queen," even if that was back in 2005. She has been Counselor.

Moises, 25, Miami, "The Firefighter." 
Mikey B., 26, Middleton, NY, "The Smart Ass." He lost his virginity at a camp.
Cameron - 23, Florence, KY, "The Cowboy." He's a virgin. He has been Counselor.
Chuck - 25, Dubois, PA, The "Sci-Fi Nerd," who is also an Eagle Scout. 
Chris - 25, Bronx. "The Class Clown" who teaches Special Ed and formerly attended Britney Spears' performing arts camp. He has been banished twice already.
Kyle - 25, Prairie Village, KS. "The Broadway Performer." He has been Counselor.

Summer Camp "Pajama Party" (S01E05): Chuck wants to be counselor, but Mikey B. thinks that Chuck is laughable rather than level-headed and genuine. [haha at his Chuck's Charlie Brown shirt!] Melinda thinks Brooke is a smart choice because she's impartial and "likes her." [that means Melinda doesn't want Brooke to be impartial, LoL.] Moises and Brooke are voted to be the Counselors, and Chuck is surprised that more people weren't interested in voting for him. Chuck and Chris already discuss who will be banished under Moises' reign, and Chuck suggests the two of them, or maybe Kyle. [see? the point that this is a consideration immediately after the election is problematic. If Chuck had been selected as Counselor, would he still be passing this judgment?] The social is a pajama party, and only one person from each team won't be invited, being forced to clean toilets instead. [Isis can't imagine cleaning toilets?? does she have a maid?] Lauren doesn't mind getting left out, and Moises leaves out Cam, as he's gone to all the other socials so far. [that's fair reasoning. Lauren not knowing how to clean a toilet was disturbing. though, in her defense, that mouse was gross!] The party people play Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare, but the dares get sexual quickly. Melinda also seems to want to get sexual with Chuck, but they're awkward and then Mikey B. intervenes. [I think this romance needs to end.] 

The Color War event is a "cutting-edge" scavenger hunt, where the teams must stick together to win. There are 5 chainsaw stations around camp, so the teams must find one, see what is being carved from a tree trunk, then go find that item and bring it back to a neutral location. The first team to get 3 objects win. [I participated in a must-stay-together run-around scavenger hunt a little over a year ago, and I gotta say, it was ROUGH to run around town with a bunch of people with much better endurance!] Chuck guesses lantern on the first one but they can't find it, so they the guys see another station carving a fishing pole, which they're able to bring back. The girls stared at the fishing pole carving much longer and never figure it out, so they move on to a honey bear, which they quickly grab from the mess hall. [I'd think that would be a tough one!]
Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network
The guys figure out "planter" and keep their lead. On their way to a fourth carving station, the boys spot a lantern and finish, as the girls are headed to the lodge to look for a lantern. [so we never find out what the fifth item was??] Throughout the hunt, Isis is very slow and Chris fakes an injury to unsuccessfully throw the game. [random!]

Brooke isn't sure who to banish, so she asks for suggestions. Lauren suggests Isis, Melinda thinks Lauren, and Rachel and Isis think Melinda and Lauren. In the end, she selects Isis, then Melinda. [I would have picked the same, as I would assume guys see Melinda as weaker than Isis.] Melinda doesn't think she has any shot at talking the guys into keeping her again, but Michelle thinks that nobody but Melinda would have a shot at coming back against Isis. [that's a mean comment. it basically says that the rest of the girls are much stronger competitors than those two.] Melinda plays the "they kicked me over because I'm the fat kid" card and lies about Isis running better than she did. [not a bad angle, but I wouldn't have cried that hard. plus, wouldn't Isis admit to sucking at running?] Isis pitches that she wants to be there, but her calmness doesn't bode well, as Chuck suggests the girls' team needs waves thrashing about, and Moises says that Melinda is emotionally unstable so her anger will unbalance that team. [man, these people put a LOT of thought into this!] Chris thinks Isis should stay and is the only one to vote for Melinda, resulting in a vote of 4-1, sending Isis home. [good. now to get rid of Lauren... if you can't clean a toilet, you don't earn $250,000. done deal.] 
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