Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Under the Dome: Hidden People

Is there anyone who thinks that the missing hand belongs to someone other than Junior? Between his mother's premonition and the terrible luck that Angie has, it hardly seems like there is any other choice. Whether it is Junior or someone else that the teens must locate to figure out the deal with the mini-Dome, it seems to be a hidden person, as one would assume the seizures would have happened by now. Angie's were probably only delayed because she spent the first several days locked below ground, where she might have seized with no witnesses anyway. And, speaking of "hidden people," Max came out of nowhere. Her low profile by squatting in a house for eight days is only believable because the bulk of the town's residents seem to stay home constantly - there's hardly anyone out and about when public places are shown. 
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Under the Dome "The Fourth Hand" (S01E09): BigJim tells Angie that he has bartered with some farmers to get food for the townspeople, but she not only wants food to keep the diner open but wants the title, free and clear. [I'm surprised that she understands what that means, honestly.] Soon, she has the same seizure that Norrie and Joe have had, which Junior witnesses. Because she utters the "pink stars are falling" line, he tells her that his mother had a dream years ago about him on a hill with pink stars, which is portrayed in one of her paintings. [let's hope that she wasn't a professional artist!] 

Julia takes Barbie to see the mini-Dome, but it has disappeared. [I hadn't realized it was mobile...] Julia goes to borrow Dodee's tool, but it has allegedly stopped working. So, Joe and Norrie spend the day following the dog, who eventually leads them to it in Joe's barn. Angie claims that Joe went for a walk at 3am and brought it back. [this just gets more and more weird.] This forces the teens to decide that they shouldn't share anything about the Dome with anyone who hasn't had the seizures.

Larry, a druggie, claims that the Dome is talking to him, so he takes refuge in Ted's house. [Ted's story is pretty sad... his wife and son crashed into the Dome.] Ted accidentally shoots a neighbor trying to scare off the guy, leading BigJim to start a voluntary weapons collection before scarce resources make people more antsy. [not the worst idea ever, but (A) it didn't seem that the firearms were being inventoried well, and (B) offering people extra food/water/propane when they turn in a gun is rather unfair to those who do not own such things.] Barbie and Linda learn that Larry got a drug called Rapture from the preacher, so they search the preacher's place, finding drugs and a recipe that requires propane. [I remember learning that drugs were made with chemicals, that was so freaky!] As Linda heads to the propane yard to see what she can dig up, BigJim and Barbie go back to Ted's. The guy shoots at the car immediately, so BigJim enters the house to find the widower surrounded by a dozen weapons, including a grenade, which he attempts to activate. [holy cow!] Barbie collects the guns as BigJim brings Ted for sedation. Back over to Linda, she decides to break in and watch the security camera's footage, learning that Duke was aware of what was taking place. [that must have been difficult for her.]

Max shows up at BigJim's, and it turns out that he's not the only one who has worked for/with her... so has Barbie. She has tons of secrets on both of them, including knowing about the man Barbie murdered. [she's involved in the drug operation, too.] She demands Barbie help her in her new plan with BigJim to take over the town. Barbie is left without a plan as BigJim relocates the firearms. However, though they are supposed to go to the cement factory, he brings them to his bunker instead, which Junior sees. [disturbing.]
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