Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mistresses: Can't Be Left Alone

Well, that's what you get when you cheat on your husband, Savi. At 37 years old, one might think that she would know better, but maybe she yearns for the freedom of Joss, especially now that the girls are living together once more. Dominic's desire to stay with Savi seems a bit misplaced, though suggesting tea and going out for fast food aren't the worst ways to be in someone's life. On the flip side, Sam just cannot stay out of Karen's life, and oscillates between making it horrendous and trying to help. Similarly, Paul just will not leave April alone, even if it means risking being seen at Lucy's school, which seems to be a step too far. And that leaves Alex for Joss... they're together but they're not, the boundaries of the relationship are totally unclear, and trust is bound to come to the forefront of their issues very soon. But, after all, the title of the series IS "Mistresses," so what else would you expect?

Mistresses "Indecent Proposals" (S01E10): Savi struggles to adjust to life without Harry, as he did all of the little things around the house, though she does ask him for help. He gently tells her that she needs to solve her own problems, but secretly comes over to help fix a leaky shower anyway. [because he's her lobster, to quote Phoebe Buffay.] Unfortunately, Dominic helps Savi carry in baby stuff as Harry is leaving, making for an awkward moment. [though perhaps not as awkward as Joss telling him to leave Savi alone.] Alone, Savi puts together the crib. [I really liked that crib.]

Karen freaks out over the case and seems lost without Savi, who won't discuss the situation. [good. maintaining professionalism.] Sam comes to see Karen, apologizing for his mother's lawsuit. Soon, Karen has an attorney who works hard to keep Karen out of trouble, though she is suggesting Karen lie. [of course.] Later, Sam comes to Karen's house, admitting the lawyer is one his dad hated going up against in court, then offering to be her alibi. [why would she tell Sam that she was alone that night?? now he could argue against an alibi!] The two become intimate. [ewww!]

After dropping off her daughter at school, April is confronted about heading up a committee for Grandparents' Day, but she blows it off when she sees Paul. [Grandparents' Day is in September... apparently not on this series?] They meet in a nearby park, where he says that he is desperate to see his daughter, but April won't allow that to happen, as it would devastate the little girl. [truth.] Richard winds up fighting Paul, leading to April letting her former husband see a photo album of Lucy.

Olivier turns to Joss to help entertain some clients, and she is happy to help when her plans with Alex get cancelled. She does a good job, and not only gets the couple for her own commission but also gets to drive Olivier's DeLorean. [crazy!] 
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