Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mistresses: Savi as a Mother

More information about the ages and relationships of the girls comes out when it is discovered that, when Savi was eight, her mother had an affair, and Joss is the product of that relationship. Being a forever irresponsible woman, Janet often left Savi to care for Joss, and the big sister went to great lengths to protect her half-sibling. Because Janet promptly moves to another continent days after being introduced, the character exists almost purely to explain the relationship between the sisters and to indicate Savi's motherly instincts and compassion. Dedicating the bulk of an episode to this basic information, however, might not have been the best use of the drama's time. After all, it kept much from happening with April, and although a few events occur in Karen's life, they exist mostly as set-up for future problems.   

Note: This series is going on hiatus for three weeks, and will then air its final four episodes on consecutive Mondays. 

Mistresses "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" (S01E09):
Savi: She has flashbacks to her mother the night before the woman rolls into town. Savi still can't bring herself to open the paternity results, but gives them to Joss for safekeeping after she realizes that neither answer will truly help anything at this point. [I followed that but don't agree. plus, is she just going to pretend that the results never arrived?] 

Joss: She is very happy to see her mother again, and eagerly shares about her homelessness and "girlfriend." As Joss doesn't have much tying her down, she volunteers to accompany Janet to Brazil after the woman announces her upcoming move to Rio. The morning after a big going-away party, however, Janet leaves without her, causing Joss to realize just how much Savi has always done for her. 
ABC/Peter "Hopper" Stone
Karen: After filling in the group about Elizabeth, she thinks about hiring a PI. She's sidetracked when Paul asks for her help, but she can't forget her first priority after she is sued by Elizabeth over "the wrongful death of Thomas Grey." Karen may be caught in her lies about Thomas's state of mind because she references a treatment date when Thomas was allegedly on vacation. [that sucks. let's hope that's not the case!]

April: She finally tells Lucy about her relationship with Richard, but she may still not be over Paul, with whom she chats once more. [I was betting that fake-sick thing would blow up in her face, but I guess not...]
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