Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teen Mom: Vacation, Dating, Rules, Therapy

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

...was it just me, or was this episode fairly useless? For everyone, it was a 2-3 day adventure where not all that much happened. Maci's in Florida and hardly sees Ryan and Bentley, Farrah meets a guy but after two dates she's done, Catelynn and Tyler let Butch live with them but he's not doing the greatest job at following their rules, and Amber gets to see Gary and Leah. Nope, can't say I was too impressed with the actions that took place in the girls' lives, but they can't all be full of excitement - that wouldn't be "reality" enough. ;)

Teen Mom "Strike Out" (S04E04): It's the end of May/beginning of June for Farrah, as her birthday is May 31st. It's probably June or later for Catelynn, if this episode is in chronological order.

Maci: In Florida, Ryan's friend suggests that Maci is still in love with him. Maci is obsessed with seeing Bentley, but Ryan doesn't want her to text him the whole time, so he invites her down to see them. [ALL of her posse need to come? no.] Bentley is whiny when Ryan and Dalis leave, telling Maci to "go away," so Maci only stays for a couple minutes. [if she hadn't brought 8 friends with her, it might have gone better, LoL.] They are planning to take the family photo the next day, and Maci is worried that Dalis will try to be in it. Maci didn't like how nice Dalis was to her. [ha!] But, Dalis is respectful, and Maci even invites Ryan and Dalis out to the clubs with her and her friends. [wow... how weird would THAT have been??] Dalis was game, but Ryan thought it would be awkward, so they don't join. [think they'll be back from vacation by next episode?] 

Farrah: Farrah tells her sister that she likes one of her neighbors. [who dog-sits for someone they barely know?] Alethea watches Sophia while Farrah and Adam (who is 28) go out to the driving range. Then, for Farrah's 20th birthday, she takes Sophia to the Miami Zoo before going out to dinner with Adam to Taverna Opa while Nancy watches Sophia. [what was with the free ride she scored for them around the park? or maybe it wasn't free, but Farrah was still super-awkward about it. and why are different people watching Sophia all the time?] Adam asks Farrah what she wants to do on her day off, and she says that she wants to work... which isn't compatible with him, as he wants to chill at the beach. That's the end of their relationship, and we see Farrah call her sister to update her. [eh. he was a neighbor. he was convenient. let's move on.]  

Catelynn: Butch is out of jail and planning to stay with Catelynn and Tyler. Tyler goes over the rules of the house again, and it looks like Butch might stay for about six months. Except, soon, Butch stays out all night, doesn't check-in with the kids, and doesn't answer his phone. [but he also doesn't have a key?] Tyler explains to him that he only gets one more chance, as they don't want the responsibility of parenting a parent. [totally understandable.]
Photo by MTV
Amber: Amber is told that she and Leah and Gary can't actually all be together, as there was a miscommunication. [boo!] Gary admits that he is jealous of Amber's other guys, but she winds up getting upset and leaving before they can really discuss it further. [of course. some things never change.] We do learn, however, that Amber struggles to take her medications on-time. [well, that's her own fault, so she needs to get her act together.]
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