Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pregnant in Heels: Trust, Botox, Colors, Presents

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Dang. The first 15 minutes of this broadcast were super-full of background on the clients! We also got more of Rosie's own life in this episode, which was nice. Unfortunately, we didn't see both of Donna's concerns fulfilled - while Rosie finally convinced her to trust a potential baby nurse, they left the botox issue alone after one suggestion... I would have liked to see a second attempt. This episode also offered some diversity to the normal clients - not only were we in California instead of New York, we also saw a male-male couple with children via surrogate, which I thought was more than appropriate, as I can't imagine all of Rosie's clients decide to birth their own children. Overall, I'd like to see more middle-ground clients - Donna was incredibly demanding while Victor and Chris were pretty easy to satisfy, so hopefully we'll see less of those types as the season rolls forward.

Pregnant in Heels "Welcome to Hollywood" (S02E07): Two new clients are in California, and Rosie is opening a new store in Santa Monica, so we see Rosie and her husband arrive at the new location. She's so shocked that they've gotten to this point. [I can totally believe that - who would have thought that there is a market for maternity concierge?] They celebrate the opening of the new store with some celebrities and the NY team.
Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo
Client #1: Donna and Jason are pregnant with their first, and she has a demanding job in fashion. Her problems are 1) she misses her botox (she's been getting injected for about ten years now), 2) she needs to hire a baby nurse but is afraid of theft, and 3) she experiences a lot of random pains. The third issue is largely ignored, because although Donna says her feet, boobs, and "vagina bones" all give her trouble, she's found a chiropractor who has been taking care of her issues. [whoa. at first I thought she meant her pubic bone, but now maybe she meant her ligaments were tight?] The first concern is really Donna looking for a safe alternative to botox, so Rosie brings in a "facial fitness expert," which is something that Rosie doesn't know too much about. [I couldn't believe that Donna didn't believe Cynthia never had botox. more importantly, how does Rosie even have a basis for her "experts" out in Cali at this point?] Donna doesn't see herself practicing any of the exercises, and the subject is ignored for the rest of the episode.

Onto the nanny/theft issue. Jason isn't sure that cameras all over the house are necessary, but Donna wants 100-150 cameras. It seems that she's satisfied with the 64 or so that Rosie's security expert, Ray, installs, though, as long as she also gets alarms on doors so that if closets are opened, she'll get a text and call 911. [holy moly, this woman is RIDICULOUS!] The system records and streams, and you can check it from anywhere, even on a mobile device. [this must have cost a very pretty penny...] Rosie sets up some baby nurse interviews but also brings money, gift cards, financial info, CDs, and open chocolates that they place/hide in the nursery, so Donna can see if the nannies can be trusted amongst those things. [not a bad way to go.] Interviews begin. [way to lie about CPR, candidate #1! I totally didn't believe the idea that they'd have the candidates move around stuff and put away baby clothes as part of the interview...] #3 reads the titles of the DVDs and eats chocolates, so they get rid of her. #4 look through some paperwork more than once, and  doesn't find that to be inappropriate behavior. [wtf?] Donna is so upset that she doesn't even want to have any more interviews and asks Rosie to leave. [oh boy...] Rosie gives her time to cool down and then decides to try and figure out what it is that makes Donna so distrusting. We don't actually find out, but Donna does decide to trust Rosie and hire #2. ["I know that's what you want" was a weird thing for Rosie to say. and why are they calling from a really windy area?] Rosie meets baby Brooklyn via webcam, and (#2) Meg is working out well for the family.

Mummy IQ: [which, in this case, is more of a Nanny IQ] Do you know baby CPR? What are the healthy normal colors that poop can be? What temperature on a newborn are cause for alarm? How often does a newborn baby eat? How early can you sleep-train a baby? 

Client #2: Chris (real estate) and Victor (stay-at-home-dad) have been together for eight years and married for four - having tied the knot in St. Barts, South Africa, and New York. They are having their second daughter and are at odds over how to decorate - two-year-old Coco has a signature shade of pink, but they don't want to agonize for months again to find a color for new baby-to-be, Kiki. [let's pause for a moment to giggle at the names of the children being Coco and Kiki... also, I feel like purple or yellow are the obvious choices...] Jackie and Tyler are the color/design experts that Rosie brings in, and they have Victor and Chris cover up, then play with paint to see what "comes out." [...really?] They look at a bright orange, a cool electric green, a bright coral, an indigo purple, a red/blue thing... then they move on. Victor and Chris each pick a color and they mix it, back to an orange from yellow and red. They like a yellow-orange, called "Kiki yellow" that is close to "blazing yellow." [oooook] Rosie has a decorator handle the nursery in that hue, and Victor and Chris love it. [custom monogram??]

Their second dilemma is what to get their surrogate as a gift. Keira had a miscarriage, carried Coco, and is now carrying Kiki, so the guys feel a great gratitude towards her. Victor and Rosie go to Rodeo Drive, but Victor picks out terrible presents, like pens, phones, and watches, before finding a wonderful necklace. Later, Rosie meets Kiki via webcam.
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