Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Exes: Stuart's Back in the Game

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So, the theme song is a little catchier this episode, though I still think it was a bad move for the series. At least it's a real song, though... we all know how hard it has been to get one of those for a show these days! The episode itself, however, was a bit annoying to me. In the same way that some 2 Broke Girls episodes are - lots of sex jokes, pen!s jokes, and size jokes. Still, I found it to be a fairly amusing episode, though I disagreed with the scene toward the end where Holly goes up to Susan and nudges her about Stuart's fine points. Am I alone? What did you think of this episode? Or are you just realizing that this sitcom is back to new episodes, LoL?

The Exes "What Women Want" (S02E02): At the bar, Haskell explains that Phil gets the "power seat" because he's the "pack leader." [um, ok.] Stuart has his eye on a blonde who has been coming in, but he chickens out of making a move. Phil and Holly give him conflicting advice, and he decides to go for it... even though he only walks away with a "friend me on Facebook." [ouch!]

The next morning, the fact that Holly mooches food and eats out all the time becomes apparent, and after spilling some OJ on herself, she silently gets an eyeful of naked Stuart when going for a towel. He's apparently quite well-endowed, as Holly'd distracted at work and winds up spilling the secret to Eden. Of course, our pint-size paralegal (or assistant, whatever) makes excuses about Stuart needing to sign some more divorce papers. [ha!] Well, then it's only a matter of time before Haskell and Phil hear the story from Holly as well, with different reactions. Haskell freaks out and Phil doesn't believe it, so the three go to the gym sauna to check it out for themselves. [I was kinda interested in what their plan was going to be to get Stuart to disrobe... I wouldn't have anticipated him being the "remove the towel" type.]
Back at the apartment, Haskell does all sorts of things for Stuart, who is confused by Holly's awkwardness around him when he teaches her to wash a cucumber when making a salad. [is a salad really a meal that you need to teach? seriously?] Later, at the bar, Susan isn't too into Stuart so Holly decides to spice it up by letting her know that he's "enormously gifted." Unfortunately, Susan is dense and Holly has to spell it out, so Stuart overhears and is embarrassed. That night, Holly apologizes, and it turns out that Stuart had sex with Susan, then took her out for coffee. Holly takes it as if she was the one that made that happen. [hahahaha, love it!]
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