Friday, August 13, 2010

Strange Secret Life, Great Hot in Cleveland, etc.

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Secret Life of the American Teenager
(S03E10): natural to see the kids so excited about the last day of school. I thought was were closer than this when Amy left for New York, but I guess not. Ben didn't know Betty spoke Spanish, LoL. Ben's cardigan seemed out of place, even for him. I guess Amy giving up the French horn is now common knowledge, not a secret with Ashley. Interesting that Ricky is finally bringing up how Ben was kinda interfering during Amy's pregnancy. I don't like Ashley sometimes. Ricky can just afford to fly to New York THE NEXT DAY??!? Interesting that Ben's dad wants him to invite all these people over. Why would Henry and Alice invite everyone? I'm getting tired of Madison. The medcamp coincidence was funny. Alice dances funny. Intriguing that the new kid is "going back in the closet" hahaha. The "I'm not good at parties" thing by Ashley was hilarious. Ricky is creepily excited about seeing Amy. Grace was kinda awkward about "this is what I want to do with my life - stay up and party and laugh" LoL. Aren't these kids young to like Dumb and Dumber? LoL.
Cake Boss (S03E13): So now it's very clearly May, since they've got Mother's Day stuff going on. And I can certainly understand the demands on bakeries during this time, as my wedding was on Mother's Day weekend, and it affected both my florist and my baker. The LemonIce thing was funny, and Anthony definitely didn't get it, LoL. Painting on blades of grass was a nice, small touch. The handyman getting inside the oven kinda scared me. Interesting that they're expanding to doing flavored ice. The pecan wedge cake was interesting... a short little plot, too. I feel like the family was dominating the waiting room, LoL. Buddy seemed kinda happy about going for a fourth child. And seeing Buddy give Lisa "Employee of the Month" was cute.

Huge (S01E07): I really feel for the Director, being more out-of-place than the other staff. Interesting bet using someone else's hat. Plus, everyone thinking that nobody has lost weight is kinda depressing. Interesting that Will hadn't touched the candy stash since the first week. The weigh0in was really intense. Chloe seemed kinda happy, but there were definitely some upset people. Ian didn't want to see his number - that was interesting. Ian hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that although they've lost a little weight, they have so far to go. 1 pound must have been heartbreaking for Amber, especially since we now know that she paid for herself to be there.

19 Kids and Counting (S05E03):
Michelle referred to caring for Josie like how she cared for Josh... 20 years ago. She talked about having to do all of the nighttime feedings and the daytime feedings... haha, not as easy without all those daughters, eh? Neat that the kids are going to be extras in a film! The "executive pastor" thing was interesting. Joseph did some talking which was nice. The Kellers also being in Georgia was nice. Joy Anna is apparently a really good crier-on-demand, LoL. 4 tanks of oxygen a week is a LOT. Priscilla, Anna's sister, is also on that Asia trip. Jana is so sweet, I love her "we can do without" attitude. They don't have to do a full 5k for the video... they should be able to handle a block and a half, LoL. Although, as Jill said, they weredoing it over and over. I also thought it was interesting that they mentioned the Duggars can wear shorts in this scene because it is considered "costume" hehe. Why was Michelle bringing up 4 trashcans if it's only her and Josie anyway??
Teen Mom (S02E04):
Catelynn: She is having a family birthday party at the roller rink when she's like 17?? Awkward. But I guess it's cute. Relationship counseling... as a teenager?? Ridiculousness. And how in the world can they afford it? I thought it was weird that Ryan was kinda anti after the first session, when he was the one who had the idea in the first place. The phone records thing seriously creeped me out!
Maci: I love the cartoons of Maci, I think they're really lifelike. The weaning from the pacifier was slightly interesting. She could see herself marrying Kyle "in like 20 years" lmao... when she's knocking on 40?? Maci's pretty good at walking away from Bentley while he cries.
Farrah: the guy who was standing there writing an order or whatever as she and her coworker talked about being single moms was strange. 10 hours of community service... is that even worth anything?? I also can't decide my thoughts on showing so much of this domestic violence issue... it's totally not uncommon, and I'm not sure if that's the angle that they're trying to hit or not. It amuses me that Farrah's mom still thinks she's done nothing wrong.
Amber: a 16-hour drive with Amber's dad in the car? Sounds like a pain in the butt. They're always breaking up and getting back together... what makes Gary think they could get married? Amber has nicer legs than I was going to guess. Maybe she's lost some weight in general, actually. They looked like they had a really good time dancing on the beach. She made me angry when she quibbled with Gary over the wording in his proposal, LoL.
If You Really Knew Me (S01E04): I'm not really sure I actually understand why this is a regular series and not just some sort of two-hour special. What's the draw to watching the same stuff every week? Just seeing that you're not alone, that every school has cliques and that every kid has a sucky life in one way or another?
Oklahoma City, 1400 students, diverse population. It also amuses me that there's a "bisexual" group at the school... we totally didn't have that ten years ago. I also don't know that I appreciate the camera only showing the "cross the lines" when a good portion of the students cross. There are totally times in that activity where only a few students cross, and I think that those moments are just as powerful. Malcolm went ultra-public, I feel. I did, however, like that two of the older girls going and talking to the freshmen girls about the experience. Kyle was weird trying to make a friend, LoL.
Wipeout (S03E11): Families today - mothers & sons; fathers & daughters. A new obstacle in the qualifier. Not too much exciting. The bruiseball round was amusing... the board game mom got knocked by the same bat TWICE without seeing it, haha. And we actually had to use a photo finish, which was interesting.

Hot in Cleveland
(S01E09): I love how Elka likes Susan Lucci. The "usual" joke with Victoria was pretty funny. And I also can't decide how I feel about that bar becoming a regular hangout for this crew. Victoria being offended at Joy's comment about celebrities being just like everyone else was hilarious. Elka spreading an illness rumor about Victoria was good. And the fact that she was knitting when Victoria found out was cute. The far-sighted thing is also a nice running joke. Victoria might need to read up on this disease a little bit, LoL. Melanie's aloud internet acronyms were funny, too. Joy's shopping for therapists is intriguing. Victoria not remembering how many kids she has was a little too Karen Walker for me. Jane Leeves is so fabulous. Elka translated text-speak is lovely. Another Justin Bieber crack. The late limp had me cracking up, and the Dr. House part made it even better. And then the wikipedia joke. And then the fake twitching. I was practically on the floor! And the fact that the foundation was willing to keep the lie going to earn them some money was laughable. The goiter had me gaping. "I was talking to the goiter" stole the show. This is probably the funniest episode yet!
Minute to Win It (S02E06): Again with this "over theming." This week, they found a pair (Scott & Emily) who worked in the same office (then got married), and made all of the games playable with just office supplies. Whatever. OfficeMax got QUITE the plug, too.
Game 1: Office Maximus: Bounce rubber band balls to knock over reams of paper. Do it three times in sixty seconds. He gets it.
Game 2: Clipper: Ping Pong balls get rolled down a slanted table, using binder clips as bumpers and as holders. Get balls in all three holders. She has two of them in, but knocks them both out again. When the timer buzzes, she only has the two outer ones in, not the middle. He tries and gets it.
Game 3: Speed Eraser: Bounce a pencil into a cup seven times in sixty seconds. Scott goes for it. He gets it really freaking easily.
Game 4: Office Fling: a rubber band is stretched across two chair legs on an overturned chair. Using it as a slingshot, fling a folded piece of paper onto a desk 12 feet away. Unlimited tries, and it only has to land and stay on the desk once. She gets pretty close several times before nailing it around the 30-second mark.
Game 5: Office Tennis: Both play, using clipboards as racquets, volley a paper ball back and forth while moving sideways, and eventually get the ball into a wastebasket. Unlimited tries, but there were a few ruled regarding not hitting it twice and such. They were pretty good at volleying, but had a lot of problems getting it into the can... they achieve that goal with 15 seconds to spare.
Game 6: Coffee Topper: Drop CDs three feet to land on a plastic cup without falling off. Do it once, unlimited attempts. It looks pretty hard, since it's really easy for them to bounce right off... Scott goes for it, and runs out of time. He goes again, and gets it in just 10 seconds that time.
Backflip: Balance two pencils on the back of your hand, and flip them off and catch them. Then do 4, then 6, then 8, then 10, then 12, then 14, then 16 (* I think. They might only be 2, 4, 8, 12, 16). Never drop any. Scott does it (of course, ::eye roll::), and gets it.
I think they decided to go home because Emily was going to have to play the next game, and she's not that good, LoL. $125,000 is nice, though. And they're using it to help have a family, so cheers.

(S06E09): The Flying Spaghetti Monster joke was good. Was the Ryan Seacrest joke supposed to imply that he is the most memorable human, LoL? Amy severing a finger weirded me out. The tricycletops was out of control. Helicopter hummingbird was also odd. I thought the joke at the robots of calling the current patrons future exhibits was funny.
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Table for 12: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
16 and Pregnant
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