Friday, August 9, 2013

Photo Recapping 2013 Comic-Con: The Floor

a glimpse at how crowded just a tiny portion of the floor can be. by Amy K. Bredemeyer
On Thursday night of Comic-Con I was waiting in a line and got to talking with those around me, as normally happens. Well, one of the guys was on his fourth SDCC and was going to attend his very first panel the next day. I was dumbfounded and promptly asked how he spends his days, noticing that he had a four-day badge. Turns out, he is one of those people who literally spends all day every day in Exhibit Hall, known more commonly as "on The Floor." Now, after three rounds at the annual convention myself, I would say I spend 6-8 hours perusing the booths each year. I don't get to everything, I'm not able to wait in every swag line or preview all of the shows/movies/games, and I don't wait hours for autographs. But, spending your entire Con in Exhibit Hall just sounds so exhausting to me, both mentally and physically. If you've been, you understand what I mean. If you haven't, allow me to give you a small taste of the craziness that is The Floor, starting with some film booths:
Hobbit! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
more Hobbit. by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Lionsgate and Summit had a combined booth this year, and it switched up its features, including Ender's Game. by Jonathan Bredemeyer
You could get customized t-shirts for Ender's Game! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
these are real guys dressed up! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
there are many book booths at Comic-Con, and you can pick up lots of older things for free! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Exclusive items are a big deal, and many people wait hours
in line for a chance to buy something! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
like this collectible! (not on the previous list)
by Jonathan Bredemeyer
time for television shows! ABC brought a ship replica you could enter to watch
a scene from the new third season of Once Upon a Time. by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Starz brought a ship, too, for Black Sails. by Jonathan Bredemeyer
and a cannon! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
The Walking Dead had zombies everywhere, and a bit lookout stand. by Jonathan Bredemeyer
even classic favorites were there, like Dragon Ball Z. by Jonathan Bredemeyer
and you can pick up artwork for anything imaginable, including Castle and Firefly. by Jonathan Bredemeyer
what is this? I have no idea. But it moved and was scary. by Amy K. Bredemeyer
and now for some shots of some booths that really stood out for one reason or another... by Jonathan Bredemeyer
some kind of ice king or chill room or something? by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Max Steel. by Jonathan Bredemeyer
I don't remember what this was promoting, but it was heavily armored! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Daft Punk concert set model. you know, as there's something for everyone! by Jonathan Bredemeyer
I love the old toys for sale! Check out some of these TMNT classics! by Amy K. Bredemeyer
Star Trek bridge. by Jonathan Bredemeyer
obligatory Star Wars homage. by Jonathan Bredemeyer 
some celebs did booth signings, like Joss Whedon at Dark Horse. by Jonathan Bredemeyer
and the cast from Under the Dome at the CBS booth. by Jonathan Bredemeyer
and this guy hung out on the top of FOX's booth. by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Now, this is such a small sampling of what there was to see, but you get a little taste of the variety, from movies and television to toys and books to original art and collectibles. There were also many comic book booths, of course, but selecting one over others to display is rather difficult. Stay tuned for more Comic-Con articles and photo recaps to come, including more shots from the floor but in more compact categories!
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