Thursday, August 8, 2013

Camp: An Unbelievable Day

Longtime readers know that it doesn't always take much to turn me off of a series. Sometimes I can tough it out through a few bad episodes of something (like Futurama), but when I find a could-be-real series entirely implausible, I can't take it. That's pretty much the case with Camp. I wanted to love the drama because I'm a fan of quite a few of the actors and I love summer camps. But that's not enough. Between wasted money and disorganization and the lack of community amongst the staff, I just can't get on board with this program. In "Heat Wave," outdoor activities are canceled because of the high temperatures, yet rather than do games or arts and crafts with the many campers indoors, a large proportion of the staff parties in a cabin during daytime hours! It's very Friends-like, in that the writers just have the characters do what would be funny, without thinking about the fact that they actually work at any point. Aside from Robbie, Sarah, Cole, and Mack, nobody works around the camp, and in this episode, the latter two are off-campus for most of the day, leaving two people to do the work of dozens? Ridiculous. 

Camp "Heat Wave" (S01E05): It's Buzz's 16th birthday, and both of his parents got him night-vision goggles, so Mack heads to town to try finding a better present. [how hadn't Mack eaten? she made the announcements at breakfast, didn't she?] Cole accompanies her to get away from someone reminding him of his would-be professional baseball career. Mack realizes that buying Buzz a car will help him get a girl, which is what he wants, so the two spend the afternoon negotiating one from Roger. [I know Cole has had a thing for Mack, but I hated how it played out when he made a move.] Meanwhile, Buzz throws a party in a cabin, complete with some booze he found in storage. [how did Grace keep that book dry in the lake??] Even Grace lightens up and has a drink as the group plays Truth or Dare. The first few are designed to make Marina mad, but then Buzz hopes Kip will give him a fun dare, but it gets ruined when Greg interferes. [hot sauce? ouch!] Then, Kip lies to Buzz on a Truth, and the two go at one another until the truth about Kip and Chloe comes out. [Buzz was a bit quick to believe it was Chloe blackmailing Kip about his leukemia, though...] Well, the kids keep drinking and the pranks get worse (see photo below), so by the time Mack returns with the car, Buzz is really drunk, so she promptly returns it to Roger. [this happened on Dawson's Creek, too. stupid teenagers and their drinking!]
Vince Valitutti/NBC
While Grace is partying, her little brother goes missing, so Robbie helps look for him. He really saves the day between finding Theo and administering an epi-pen when one of Grace's dads is stung by a bee. Grace is so thrilled, actually, that she kisses Robbie. Being guiltless, Robbie tells Sarah about it, though she doesn't know how to respond, having just slept with Miguel. [sucks.] Also, Marina and Greg have been intimate, making her just as hypocritical as she considers Kip to be.
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