Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mistresses: Lost Trust

Alex lost trust in Joss, April lost trust in Paul, Karen lost trust in Sam, and Savi has lost her trust in herself in a way. It was a rough episode for the women, and certainly sets up the end of the season for a great deal of drama. Karen's situation is perhaps the most precarious, though Lucy missing is certainly a huge issue for April. Joss's life continues to be more annoying than anything else, and yet it is difficult to care about her, even in a hate-watch way. As anticipated, Savi's story remains the most intriguing, between her refusing to learn the paternity of her baby and her trepidation toward making either relationship work. Which man is the best for her and for her upcoming life changes remains unknown, but will probably become a main focus shortly.

Also, more on the number games: If Karen has been a psychiatrist for fifteen years, that puts her 40+. Savi is 37, Joss is 29, and April is at least 30, though probably closer to 38.

Mistresses "Full Disclosure" (S01E11):
Karen is practicing her deposition, but her lawyer tries to convince her to plead the fifth amendment on certain topics (like her affair and the morphine), conjure up an alibi for the night of Tom's death, and be vague in her other responses. [and the lawyer doesn't bat an eye...] The first witness is Anthony Newsome, who talks about Karen's notes and the contradiction. Then, Elizabeth changes her story about what happened when Tom died, saying that he had confessed to his extramarital relationship. Then, Sam comes in and ruins Karen's alibi, claiming he was with his mother the night Tom died. [favor to your mother or not, that was a dirty move!] Still, the lawyer is not convinced that all is lost... as long as Karen can get a new alibi, there's hope. Jacob, Karen's business partner, starts to lie and say they were both working late the night Tom died, but she cuts him off and steers the conversation to talk about where she was the night Tom died: home alone. Karen tells the whole truth after that. [wonder where that will get her!] 
ABC/Richard Foreman
Savi heads to New York for a case, mainly to get her out of town during Karen's depositions. [I guess that was a smart move.] Dom puts her up in a nice hotel and gets her a pre-natal massage. [why, exactly, is he footing the bill?] This gets her wondering if she should stop fighting her feelings for him. [I really wonder about how Savi and Harry functioned before they started trying to conceive... it seems like their relationship must have been rather atypical.]

April says goodbye to Paul, but he asks a final favor: that she pass on a locket to Lucy. She initially doesn't think it's a great idea, but after Richard suggests she tell Lucy the whole story, April plans to do so. [that amusement park seemed like a waste of money for the show... why there?] But, when she goes to pick up her daughter from school, she's missing. [and we're suspecting Paul took her??] 

Alex and Joss plan to host a couples' dinner party at Savi's. But, that's in jeopardy after Alex catches Joss in a lie: the realtor wasn't just showing a house, she was becoming intimate with Olivier. [a bite mark? really? are you 17?] Joss goes to see Harry, who thinks that Dominic must be the father, which is why he hasn't heard from Savi. Joss tells him the envelope is unopened, so he tries to sweet-talk the receptionist at the clinic, only for HIPAA to shoot him down. [good! I was going to be very angry if it didn't!]
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