Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Under the Dome: But What Does It Mean?

Four young adults now control a strange mini-Dome, that somehow wasn't solidly at the nucleus of the Dome. But, they don't know what it can do. Max is running an underground fight club, but why? To control the remaining money and goods inside the Dome? Linda discovers the truth (or at least some of it) about the propane stored in Chester's Mill, but what is she going to do about it? With a second season already promised, these questions don't all need answers in the next few episodes. But, at the same time, one might expect to find out a great deal more before the season wraps. Further deviation from the novel is pretty much inevitable, but at least the visualization of the scenes works out pretty well.

Under the Dome "Let the Games Begin" (S01E10): The teens sleep by the mini-Dome, with Joe's wrist tied to Norrie's so they would know if he got up in the night again. When they wake up, there's a monarch caterpillar inside the mini-Dome, prompting the teens to go looking for others who have had seizures. Well, they must not have gone far, as Dodee finds the mini-Dome and burns herself touching it, and the kids are right there to bring her to the hospital. [how did they maneuver her to the clinic??] They ask a nurse about seizures and she says someone at Angie's 10th grade dance had one. [it's been YEARS since ANYONE in town had a seizure??] She suspects Junior, as he passed out at that event, and when she tells Joe about it, she also shares about the kidnapping, then shows them Junior's mother's painting. Of course, Junior comes home to see them, and after a small fight with Joe, accompanies them back to the mini-Dome, which now houses a chrysalis. He adds his hand to the mini-Dome, and the egg inside creates pink stars all around them.
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Linda tells Julia that she thinks there's more hidden information about the propane scandal around, so when they find Duke's lockbox key, they head to the bank. [so Duke meant for Linda to find out?] Inside is a Sheriff pin that Linda gave him and a confession from Duke (19 years ago, he lost his son to drugs and vowed to keep the drugs out of town, so he cut a deal with Max). They find out Lester and BigJim were involved. Then, they look in Peter's box... inside is his life insurance policy for one million dollars. [whoa!]

Barbie goes to BigJim's to talk about Max, and the guys look through real estate records to discover that Max owns a property on Bird Island. Of course, she catches them and tries to intimidate them, then they get split. BigJim goes to the property, where he finds Agatha, a caretaker. He plans to wait for the owner, Oliver Luckland, but finds out that Max is Agatha's daughter, and Agatha is really someone else who changed her name after getting pregnant at 16. [haha, she originally claimed not to know Max's name!] She lets it slip that Barbie killed Julia's husband, but the bigger issue is that, when Agatha falls off the speedboat BigJim is driving, he leaves her to drown. [wow, that's rough!]

Barbie, meanwhile, winds up at the cement factory, where Max has started an underground fight club. Entrance fees are goods, leading people to steal things like salt from the store. Junior commandeers one suspicious character's salt and attempts to check out the factory, but he's not allowed inside because he's a cop. [of course.] Mac forces Barbie to be the main event fighter, or she'll tell everyone that Barbie killed Peter. It's a brutal match, but Barbie throws it in the end. But that's okay, as Max figured he would and bet accordingly. [she was betting on her own staged fights??] The situation makes Barbie decide to confess to Julia, but she figured it out already, as Peter must have taken the life insurance policy so that he could get killed and she'd be okay. She tells him that he can't lie to her anymore.   

Speaking of lies, when BigJim gets home, Linda is on his porch, suggesting they should talk down at the station. She gives him until the morning. [will she really arrest him?]
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