Thursday, August 29, 2013

Melissa & Joey: A Trip to New Jersey

Regular readers know that I'm from Jersey, and friends sometimes poke fun at the way I say certain words. I'm a loud talker, I have a big family, and there is certainly drinking when we get together. I found parts of "What Happens in Jersey" to be hilarious and relatable, but other sections to be confusing and overly stereotypical. Perhaps the fact that I grew up 50 miles west of Secaucus explains it, or that I have no Italian heritage, but I was none too thrilled at yelling meaning being "New Jersey for 'I love you'" or "I ain't goin'!" being standard speak. Those nitpicks aside, it was amusing to see Mel dressed up like Tiffany, and the entire family being in on the secret except Nonna.
Melissa & Joey "What Happens in Jersey... Part 1" (S03E14): Joe's grandmother is turning 99 years old and wants to see Joe and Tiffany for her birthday, unaware that the relationship ended. [I always find it really awkward to keep things like that from family members. I've seen it happen, and those holiday dinners are miserable.] But, Nonna's eyesight has deteriorated quite a bit, so he realizes that he could fake it with Mel. [haha: "this is a conversational tone in New Jersey." also, I had forgotten about the nicknames JoJoBee and TiffyPop.] After fighting it, Mel decides to go to New Jersey with Joe, and they bring along the kids. [haha, the Roseanne blanket!]

The Ohioans have a hotel room booked, but when Nonna asks them to stay at the house, they reluctantly agree. [Joe's teen posters are of Vendela Kirsebom and Ashley Montana??] Mel moves to another room to sleep, but Nonna finds her in the night and suspects unhappiness, so she asks about the intimacy between Mel Tiffany and Joe. [awkward!] The next day, she gives Mel and Joe a "love potion," which worries several family members. [sandwiches! outside Northeast, people just don't get how delicious a good sandwich is!]

Joe's nephew, Marco, hits on Lennox, but she keeps it platonic... right up until he hits some street punk bothering her. [figures.] And Joe's mother asks Ryder to "kill a rat" in the neighborhood, but he suspects she wants him to murder someone. 
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