Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hot in Cleveland: Making a Hospital into Las Vegas

Maybe I'm more selfish than the average person (or just love travel too much), but whenever there's an injury or illness on television, everyone involved cancels a trip. I could understand if it was serious, but most of the time (like in Victoria's case), it's not. The rest of the group could have gone on to Vegas as planned, and maybe Melanie could wait a day and leave later with Victoria. Instead, everyone loses out on whatever time and expenses they put forth for the vacation, and I just can't wrap my head around that. However, it makes sense that it would be the only way to get Victoria to stop and think about her many failed marriages and what she might have done to cause their demise. Melanie and Joy's scenario had about two funny jokes, but at least Mamie and Elka were living hilariously large!

Next week will be the season finale with two episodes!  

Hot in Cleveland "All My Exes" (S04E22): The girls are planning to head to Las Vegas for Victoria's bachelorette party, but after a tumble down the stairs and being hit in the head with a door, Victoria winds up in the hospital for a mild concussion. [haha, Joy as the loosest slot in Vegas.] Waiting to be discharged, Victoria starts wondering if her seventh marriage will the charm, and decides to ask her exes about what went wrong so it doesn't happen again. [haha at forgetting her marriage to Joy.] Some of the guys harbor a lot of anger, and one is actually already at the hospital, as he's a doctor. [funny about Victoria thinking he immediately jetted there for her!] He tells her that he never felt needed, and because he's her second ex-husband to tell her that, she to the prison to end her engagement. Melanie and Joy go to stop her, but she realizes that she needs Emmet, so all is well. [plus, the guard wouldn't let him in to see her fiance.]

While Victoria spends the day learning about her relationship problems, Melanie and Joy find a man who has been in a 25-year-long coma and start flirting with him. They accidentally unplug him, and when they plug him back in, he awakens. [ha! no way.] He insults both girls, finding them annoying old ladies. [haha, he doesn't know what a text is.] Meanwhile, Mamie and Elka decide to get the royal treatment at the hospital: smoothies, robes, massages, and sponge baths.
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