Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Exes: At a Wedding

Didn't Paul JUST start dating this woman? He was with Holly when the season started... and it was a short season! Nobody seems to be questioning how quickly the relationship moved along, but for Paul and Holly to have not been together very long, it seems odd that she would be invited. Paul also wasn't a big fan of Haskell, Phil, and Stuart when he met them, so their invitations are even stranger. This leads to a very contrived episode where the B-plot is significantly more interesting... and that's just the rest of the characters finding out that Eden and Phil have become an item. In fact, the entire episode seemed very "Friends," and left a season cliffhanger just like that series did multiple times.

The Exes "My Ex-Boyfriend's Wedding" (S03E10) [Season Finale]: The guys head off to Paul's wedding, though Holly decides to stay home, not wanting to cause a scene. Eden is also there, and she has a date, instantly instilling jealousy in Phil. [hated her hair!] Stuart also had a planned date, but she cancels at the last minute, so he's left alone as Phil trolls for a woman as quickly as he can. [I bet he could have done better!] Haskell was hoping to hit on desperate women, but when he gets a bridesmaid interested in him, his cheap suit is so itchy that he ruins it in a scratching fit. [hahaha! it was a little over-the-top, though.] Phil and Eden are both caught in lies over not having dates (Eden was posing with a valet!), and wind up bed at the hotel where the wedding is being held, so it's not surprising that the whole gang walks in on them.

Before that, though, Holly shows up, deciding it was selfish of her not to come. [hideous dress!] However, she gets jealous pretty quickly and takes a picture of herself with a portrait of Paul. [so crazy!]
Then, she goes poking around for the bride, to explain that she's there without RSVPing. But, she finds the bouquet and veil so she puts them on. [WHY would you DO that??!?] Paul finds her and kisses her, but it means nothing to either, so no big deal when the bride finds out. However, because of this, Stuart mentions that Holly should stay home if he ever remarries. [haha!]
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