Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Exes: Holly and Phil...
Given the first few minutes of the episode, one might expect Stuart's storyline to get more than a total of three minutes. Stuart is exactly the type of person who would obsess over figuring why a single person left a less-than-stellar Yelp review, yet all the viewers see are the dentist getting upset about reading the comment, freaking out that he can't seem to track down who wrote it, and paying $100 to the extortionist in the end. A shame that it wasn't fleshed out, though the split between Eden working for Phil and Haskell working for Holly was a great use of the time, too. Eden's performance as an assistant was a bit impressive, actually, as her work for Holly generally seems just-enough-to-get-by. Regardless, it is apparent that more hijinks are to come, even if the season is ending soon.

The Exes "Prelude to a Kiss" (S03E08): Phil is starting his new business, but his hottie assistant, Arianna, is terrible. [yeah, I pretty much instantly hated her!] When Eden is delivering a gift from Holly, she confronts the girl about her poor work skills, causing her to quit. To make up for it, Eden takes over, leaving Holly in a jam, as nobody else at the office will work for her. [hilarious that she has no idea why!] Haskell volunteers to fill in, and quickly becomes intensely focused on injuring himself, as he inadvertently finds out that the firm has a great disability policy. His attempts all fail, and one even injures Holly instead. [of course.]

Back over at Phil's, he comes close to losing a potential client when he doesn't get Eden's message about a meeting time change. [I understand about not realizing that your phone is off, but on your way into the office, wouldn't you check your email and such?] He even blames it on her even though it was his fault, so she quits. Unfortunately, he must hire her back immediately because the client reconsiders but wants Eden at the meeting. [figures.] As a good person, Eden goes to help out Phil, even suggesting what he needs to say to land the client. It works, and Phil and Holly kiss in celebration. [this can't actually go anywhere.. . right?]
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