Friday, August 16, 2013

Photo Recapping 2013 Comic-Con: Vehicles

"Vehicles" may sound like a strange category for a photo recap, but, trust me and the 130,000 people who were at Comic-Con, it's not. In fact, the variety of vehicles is rather extreme, from pedicabs to sports cars to ships. Below is a smattering of the different modes of transportation that we spotted this year! make sure to scroll down toward the bottom to see all of the superhero cars!
Once Upon a Time's third season, set in Neverland, decked out some pedicabs! Amy K. Bredemeyer
a front shot of the Once Upon a Time pedicab, complete with costumed bicyclists! Jonathan Bredemeyer
Hell on Wheels customized the light rail that goes right by the Convention Center! Jonathan Bredemeyer
Revolution decided to dress-up a shuttle bus! Jonathan Bredemeyer
another post-apocalyptic drama, Falling Skies had a bus of its own at an off-site activity rally! Jonathan Bredemeyer
Scooby-Doo is the passenger in this van! Amy Bredemeyer
inside Nerd HQ, they had their own promotion vehicle! Jonathan Bredemeyer
Superman had his car in blue, of course. Jonathan Bredemeyer
I loved the Justice League SUV, especially the individual headrests! Jonathan Bredemeyer
another group car shot! Jonathan Bredemeyer
a new-age Batmobile. Jonathan Bredemeyer
Green Lantern's color scheme caught me by surprise! Jonathan Bredemeyer
who could forget Aquaman? Jonathan Bredemeyer
last but not least, Flash! Jonathan Bredemeyer
the Jackdaw from Assassin's Creed IV. even video games got into the action! Jonathan Bredemeyer
a different kind of ship... this one was for a relay race of sorts that began at Skywalker
Ranch and went all the way to Comic-Con! Jonathan Bredemeyer
last but not least, and it may be the largest stretch of the definition of "vehicle,"
but here's the Despicable Me 2 blimp! Jonathan Bredemeyer
It is difficult to select a favorite, but I have to say that I really liked the pedicabs in comparison to years past, and the train really looked neat in the old-timey facade. We had also seen the Despicable Me blimp before (in San Francisco), but my sister asked for a picture so we snapped a few when it appeared. I think the ships were the most surprising, as there were a couple of others, too. In fact, it was surprising how often "nautical" came up this Con! More pictures coming soon!
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