Friday, August 2, 2013

The Exes: Online Dating, Haskell's Ex, Holly and Phil at Work

note: Recaps and Remarks are going up later than usual due to Comic-Con and TCA.

While this sitcom probably would have never made it on network television, it is a great cable show. The premise was catchy and remains at the heart of the series, the characters are likeable and well-developed at this point, the conflicts aren't overly generic but are still relatable. Sure, gimmicky things like Eden being a "taste maker" (a person paid to create buzz about new products) happen, but they're small jokes within episodes and not the entirety of episodes. I point out these things because the latest three installments of The Exes really depict how charming the show can be. Each character gets the spotlight, the stories intersect in different ways, and the status quo isn't always reset at the end of an arc. This is why the third season will go for twenty episodes, and why I hope that this series is picked up once more. It's a fun show paired well with Hot in Cleveland in a nice time slot, just not competitive enough to exist on the Big Four. Though maybe more people are starting to realize the eccentricities about this series, as the numbers are up!

The Exes "Zero Dark Forties" (S03E04): Eden tells Holly that Paul is dating someone, because she's a skinny orthopedic surgeon, Holly is upset that he moved on first. ["two times in a row" was a great save by Phil. and is that headband-ponytail combination still happening??] Stuart suggests Holly try online dating, but she thinks that's below her, so the guys stage a profile for her and then vet the candidates. [I thought it was funny how Haskell and Phil change Stuart's info for Holly from "tall" to "statuesque" and not "fortyish" but "thirtysomething" (even if she's 43).] After discounting an old man, a mama's boy, a creeper with a box, they meet Alex, who wins them over. He plays along and acts like it's a chance encounter when Holly comes down to the bar, and they go out for dinner, a jazz club, and then back to her place. She assumes he won't ever call, as he left at 3am.

This makes things worse, and Holly comforts herself with two stuffed puppies. Holly comes around, however, when she has a chance to work on her own project... Eden tells Holly about the dating profile, so Holly creates a man's profile to psych out the guys. [that sucks that everyone at work saw it!] After some chatting, Holly types that he's coming over NOW, then pants on the phone, scaring the guys enough for Haskell to take a golf club to the laptop. [holy cow! Office Space, much?]

The Exes "Defending Your Wife" (S03E05): Haskell is celebrating because his ex-wife, Margot, is remarrying, which will free him from alimony. [haha, I remember when Alan celebrated this on Two and a Half Men.]
He's a little paranoid about something going wrong at the last minute, and, sure enough, he gets a call that Margot got into a car accident and experienced enough memory loss to not even know that they're divorced. [yikes!] The doctor tells him to play along for a while, so he tells her that Phil is his agent (he's a still a pro bowler in this scenario) and Stuart is his dentist, though they have to stay with Holly to keep up appearances. [I wonder how difficult acting would be for Haskell here...] However, things are going well between Haskell and Margot, so when her fiance calls, he denies knowing where she is. [jaw drop!] Holly, Stuart, and Phil confront him, and Margot quickly learns that Haskell is no longer a professional bowler, forcing him to come clean about their divorce, and even recall that she gave up on him after his career ended. [that must have been rough.] This triggers Margot's memory, and she points out that Haskell wallowed in self pity and gave up on himself, which is why she left him. She then calls her fiance, though she does express happiness over getting to be married to Haskell for one more day. [that was cute.]

The Exes "Take This Job and Shove It" (S03E06): Stuart has been chatting online with a girl named Charlotte, whom he meets at the bar. [I like that the show doesn't have to make the meetings "happen," the dates just occur because of online encounters.] Her crooked teeth bother him, but he doesn't know what to do about it. Haskell acts like a drunkard to insult her, offering Stuart a chance to comfort her and suggest fixing them for her. But, Stuart is left telling her she's beautiful and kissing her instead. However, the situation did convince her to fix her teeth, and she even thanks Stuart for seeing beyond the deformity. Unfortunately, they bump into Haskell and the truth comes out, ruining the relationship. [why would he admit to anything? stupid Haskell!] 

Both Phil and Holly are overlooked for promotions so they both decide to ask for the recognition they deserve. [I get really sad for people who aren't treated fairly in the workplace.] But Holly chickens out when another attorney gets fired for speaking his mind, and Phil goes through with it, losing his job in the process. Holly feels really bad, so she tries to help Phil, only to become his boss's divorce lawyer. [hahaha!] Phil is pissed, but when Holly gets named senior partner because she reeled in such a great client, he has to try to get his job back on his own. Only, when he's still treated like dirt, he decides to start his own agency. [oooh! this looks like a great adventure for the series!] 
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