Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Exes: The End of Eden's Pregnancy

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

No full theme song for three episodes in a row?? At least the season finale pulled it off! I was actually kind of glad that these episodes dealt primarily around Eden and the end of her pregnancy, as I have been sick of Holly's dating and family lives getting the spotlight... can we PLEASE have any possible future episodes focus on the guys WAY MORE HEAVILY? They are such better characters than their lawyer is! And so much more superior to the pint-size receptionist! I understand that writing-in the actress's pregnancy can be easier than hiding it, especially on such a small woman, but I feel like they ended up rushing 25 weeks of time into nine episodes (remember she hasn't been pregnant all that long, episode-wise!). It might now matter... a third season has not yet been ordered, and the numbers aren't outstanding, but it's still possible, so hang in there! 

The Exes "The Party" (S02E09): The guys want to meet Holly's beau, Paul, and they all have methods they want to use to interrogate him. Phil has an intimidating "look," Haskell wants to do a background check, and Stuart wants to ask him about his relationship with his mother. [ of those "crazy Stuart" moments, I suppose!] Haskell breaks the glass he set aside for fingerprint-dusting, so he plucks a hair from the guy's head, claiming it was grey. [of course.] The guys apologize to Paul the next day, and, after some teasing, he invites them to a party at Robert DeNiro's, complete with Victoria's Secret supermodels and catered by a famous chef. [um, who can take +4 to events??]

Paul was supposed to send over the party passes, but they don't show up and Stuart goes to get them, running into Paul's soon-to-be-ex-wife in the process. [uh-oh!] The guys decide to tell Holly after the party, where Phil amuses a girl, Stuart is offered a chance to cook with the chef, and Haskell makes a play to try and sell a screenplay to "Bobby D." [this part should have been the focus of the episode. think of the comedic gold that could have ensued!] Well, the guys end up confronting Paul early, causing an immediate break-up. We later hear from Paul that things moved too fast for him to explain his situation to her... and she immediately says that, though he shouldn't hide things from her, he does need to keep his stake in the apartment! [oh, #firstworldproblems!] 

The Exes "Sister Act" (S02E10): Stuart comes home with some marijuana from a a glaucoma-stricken patient, paranoid to actually smoke the stuff because he'll either get caught or the house will small like pot. [very good reasons.] So, he cooks it into a dish, and all three guys partake, leading to some misunderstandings at a lesbian bar... like Haskell being mistaken for a woman appearing to be a man. [yeah, I'm serious.] 

Back to that situation in a minute. Let's look at Holly's life first. See, Eden is living with her until she has the baby, so when her sister, Jill, comes to visit, she winds up pretending Eden is her life partner because Paul's aunt died and he's out of town. [ha! "please don't hurt me, I'm small and pregnant!"] Happy for her sister, Jill decides to take the girls and guys to a lesbian bar to celebrate. Well, Jill realizes that she's not being honest about her life and that her marriage is over, but she wants that to be a secret when their mother shows up the next day. [ten bucks says that won't last!] It doesn't take long before both the divorce and the gay secrets come out, and Jill quickly escapes the room, claiming the divorce is a lie. [haha, their mother didn't think that Holly's news was that shocking!] Holly later tells Jill the truth, and encourages Jill to tell their mother the truth. Except, their mother blames Holly for Jill's unhappiness. [eh. that's what happens when you live to not disappoint.] 

The Exes "He's Gotta Have It" (S02E11): Eden is now nine months into her pregnancy and annoying Holly, so Haskell helps out a bit, even attending Lamaze classes when Holly is late. [I'm surprised that Haskell was so willing to do so... I would have imagines Stuart in that role.] Well, Holly doesn't want to give up being Eden's partner, but Eden would rather go with Mr. Reliable, kicking out Holly. [!!!] They later make up, though.
Elsewhere, Phil is trying to land a big deal for a risque client who is a bit of a womanizer. Phil ends up taking the tennis star back to his apartment to avoid the paparazzi, but Stuart begins to freak out over the celebrity. [loved "google 'cool' and try to be that."] Well, Stuart asks the star to help him with his serve, but the guy starts to feel him up. [uhhh... what??] When Phil gets home, Stuart tells him about the moment but Phil thinks that it's nothing. The tennis pro later convinces Stuart that he needs a massage, and our naive dentist thinks nothing of the sexuality of the situation until Phil walks in, scared. Well, Phil takes the high road, hoping that the guy will be honest with him, as they've known one another for eight years, since Phil was a "goofy intern." [ha!] He asks Phil how "coming out" would affect his "brand," and Phil shares that there are some companies who would give him big deals, so he admits that he's gay. [small steps.]

The Exes
"Pirates of the Care of Eden" (S02E12):
[best or cheesiest episode title ever? seriously... and so glad we got the full theme song this time!] Eden is starting to freak out about delivery, and so is Holly, though she acts strong for her friend. [ten-to-one Holly's gonna have to deliver the baby, lmao.] Stuart tells Holly that he'd be happy to be in the delivery room with Eden because people in pain don't bother him. [read as much into this as you want...] Haskell is jealous that he wasn't asked to be in the delivery room, but Holly is fine with him being in there, too, though she hasn't figured out how to get herself out of it yet! She's waiting for the "perfect opportunity" to discuss it with Eden, and she thinks that tagging along with Phil to his boss's yacht will be as good a time as any! Phil's boss sees them and they have to leave, but only after tracking down Eden, who has decided to jump on the bed in the captain's stateroom. [I don't understand why she'd do that. If you're supposed to leave, you don't take yourself on a tour!] Things are further complicated by Stuart's vision beginning to go blurry because of seasickness patches. [could've done without this entire point!]

Before the gang can actually get off the yacht, they realize they've already launched, so they hide. [I guess that would be the most rational thing to do?] Luckily, it's Phil who finds them, but he doesn't have much time to yell at them... Eden's water has broken! It's up to Phil to try to steer the boat back to shore, so he convinces his boss that the party is too much like the ones his boss's father threw. [I'm surprised that worked. Stuart "being blind" is a bit over-the-top. AND if they're trying to avoid attention, why not at least close the door and stuff blankets in the gaps to stop sound from leaking to others?!?] Haskell passes out. Eden progresses quickly and begins to crown when Holly tries to get out of being there. [a little late, there, Holly...] They deliver a baby girl, Eden gets a picture, and the season's over!
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