Friday, July 13, 2012

The Exes: Stuart's Dog & Eden's Baby

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Funniest moment of this episode: Phil unknowingly eats a dog muffin and hates it; Holly unknowingly eats a dog muffin and loves it. While we've all seen an episode of a show where a dog (or baby) is borrowed to pick up women, I thought that Phil (a serious womanizer) doing so would play out funnier. Biggest letdown: are we seriously allowing TWO surrogates named Eden on television right now? Because there's one over on Suburgatory, too. Can't anyone be original anymore?? Not that I think this will be a good storyline AT ALL, and I completely don't understand why a character like Eden would do such a thing, but maybe we'll get some good out of it in the end.

The Exes "Baby Mama" (S02E04): Stuart is cleaning the apartment because his dog, Chopin, is coming for a visit. [does the dog play the piano? LoL.] Stuart won't let his dog play with the toy Holly got for him because the paint is flaky and he could choke on the squeaker. [omg. he's like an obsessive parent!] The "dog taxi" is late so Stuart has to go to work and let Haskell play with the dog during the day. [I LOVE "whitepeopleproblems" !!] Later, Phil wants to take the pooch to the dog park to pick up girls, but Haskell is worried because he's responsible. [impressive. I wouldn't think he'd take it so seriously.] Well, $50 convinces Haskell to let the dog go. [ha! I totally believe that!] BUT, Phil brings back a different dog and can't remember the name of the woman he hooked up with - only the name of her dog. [that whole exchange as odd to me... some kid from grade school shares a name with a dog but you've never met someone with the same name as its owner?] They use a marker to color the dog's ear, and Stuart is confused when the dog pees on him instead of jumps on him. When the dog won't play "the cookie game," Stuart begins to suspect that the dog doesn't like him anymore. [I had to pause to laugh at "have you slept with this man? If so, I have your dog" posters with Phil's face on them! see below!] A woman brings by Chopin so all is well, but Stuart plays dumb when Phil confesses. Haskell catches on right away, but Phil runs out to "find Chopin." [...I've never been a fan of scenarios that we'll never see concluded, so this was a junky ending for me.]
Elsewhere, Holly wants to know where Eden got a Chanel handbag. [haha, "a sister"! but "lickity-split" AND "later gator" ?? no.] Turns out, she's getting gifts from the head of the firm! Holly gets Eden to spill that she's pregnant with the boss's baby, but it turns out that Eden is actually a surrogate for them, and is in her second trimester. [okay, Eden knew that she was leading on Holly, so she knew that a scene would come about.] Holly wants to help Eden, and Eden could use the support. [so... OCD baby shower in the works? But obviously it would be like the kind Rachel and Monica had for Phoebe on Friends, as Eden isn't keeping the baby...]
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