Friday, July 13, 2012

Melissa & Joey: Joe's Sperm & Lennox's Book

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Have you ever met someone named "Haskell" ?? I can't say that I have, but for whatever reason, I hear the name all the time, thanks to Melissa & Joey and The Exes. What's with these coincidences?? Also, was it just me or could you see how this entire episode was going to play out pretty early on? While the King Solomon scene with Lennox wasn't predicted, I was less than thrilled with this episode... I like to be surprised! At least we didn't have to suffer through Ryder's stupid girlfriend some more!

Melissa & Joey "The Donor" (S02E08): Jackie, one of Mel's friends, is going through files to find a sperm donor. [LoL at "sperm-naming business."] One of the options sounds suspiciously like Joe, right down to the name of an Italian dish he makes. So, Mel is obsessed with figuring out if it is Joe... and finds out that, right after the scandal, he got sucked in and donated multiple times for the money. [anyone know how much a donor really makes? I know egg donors make A TON, but that's a lot more work.] Neither he nor Mel wants Jackie to use Joe's sperm, but Joe says that Mel needs to keep it quiet that it's him. [loved the turquoise shirt that Mel wore at the cafe with Jackie.] Mel almost immediately spills the beans on "Vincenzo," but that makes Jackie happier about her decision, as now she can put a face to the sperm. [you can buy out an entire supply of a certain sperm?? that spray cheese charades joke was a little much.] Jackie decides to seduce Joe, but Mel interrupts - she claims that she wants Joe's DNA, which sends Jackie back to the sperm bank. [hilarious dream scene of Mel having bought out Joe's sperm!]  

Meanwhile, Lennox has found a first-edition of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. She and Haskell paid $50 but it's worth $1500-$2000, so Haskell wants to sell it for the money. [heck yeah! that's like a million bucks to a teenager!] Lennox, on the other hand, thinks that it's important that they keep the first thing that they bought together - plus, Haskell had claimed it was his favorite book, too. [Haskell rented a DVD? really? and while a first-edition of a book is cool to me, I don't believe a teenager would think the same way. at least not me or my friends when we were teenagers, and not any teenagers I know now.] Lennox threatens to cut the book in half, but Haskell would rather let her have the book than that, which proves that he cares more about her. [too sickeningly sweet.]
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