Monday, July 9, 2012

Falling Skies: Are There "Good" Skitters?

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Do you ever think about how certain names come in and out of popularity on television shows? It hit me that there's a "Maggie" on both of my current Sunday night shows - Falling Skies and The Newsroom. Anyway, that's a left-field comment. I thought that this episode really stood out within the season so far, and certainly makes you think... it had not occurred to me that the Skitters might not all be on the same team... of course, it starts to look rather convoluted when you imagine Tom and "Mr. Skitter" fighting side-by-side, and I still don't understand Ben's loyalty to the group that "possessed" him, but okay. Hopefully we'll be treated to some sort of understanding at Comic-Con this week (as well as a third season renewal!), but only time will tell.

Falling Skies "Love and Other Acts of Courage" (S02E05): Hal and Maggie are supposed to go scout pharmacies and hospitals for supplies but there's an explosion in the nearby city. When the main troop goes to check it out, they find no shell casings but plenty of wounded skitters/robots... and then Hal spots Rick under some Skitter bodies. [whoa. Rick?? wasn't thinking he'd reappear!] Dr. Glass patches up the boy, then learns that Weaver's leg is badly infected. [but not that bad, right? I mean, I don't think she could perform an amputation if it comes to that...] Hal tells Tom about how Ben's spikes light up, and then Rick awakens to let them know that Ben is hurt and in danger - Weaver wonders if it's safe to listen, but Tom is willing to follow wherever he leads them. [yeah... sounds like a trap to me!] A group goes, and they run into a Skitter that Tom knows from the ship - it's the one who saved him. [waaaait a minute... they're distinguishable from one another?] Rick tries to talk Tom into calming down and talking while Ben wants to protect this Skitter. [whaaa?]

Photo Credit: James Dittiger
Tom convinces Weaver to take it as a prisoner until it's no longer useful, and they even administer some medicine to help it. Ben talks about how things changed after Jimmy died - his spikes glowing and his communicating with the "Skitter Rebellion." [this just sounds ridiculous, right? oh, and Ben didn't seem to be that hurt, either.] Some have been apparently fighting for a hundred years now, as they've been able to resist the harness to a certain extent. [holy mackerel...] Rick translates/speaks that there's a death squad en route to kill him (the Skitter) and everyone in the camp. [yeah... this isn't gonna be good...] The Skitter explains its history and remorse, then says that they should fight together. Tom takes the side of the Skitter but Weaver orders him to stand down. Rick is shot and he tells Ben to talk to Tom and make him understand.

Elsewhere, Hal and Maggie arrive at a hospital, but she won't go inside. Apparently, she had brain tumors back in the day so she isn't a fan of hospitals. The others find sheets, bandages, and medicine, so they're good to go! When they come under attack, though, Maggie is injured and gets upset at the lengths to which Hal goes to save her. The whole experience made them closer, though, and she asks him to sit with her until she falls asleep. Everyone heads to the hospital and they get a generator going - it's still two weeks of "rough road" until they get to Charleston, though. [interesting. so we will likely see them arrive this season, and then some!] 

Final scenes: Weaver tells Tom that he's worried that Ben is a risk for the 2nd Mass. [well, yeah.] Ben tells Matt that he'll have to go away for a while, but he doesn't know when. [...what, does he owe a favor to the SkitterGodfather or something?]
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