Wednesday, September 5, 2012

19 Kids and Counting: Priscilla's Wedding & More

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Splicing the conversations with the Duggar girls with footage from David and Priscilla's wedding was odd. What was more odd, however, was the reiteration of what the courtship process is like and how the Duggar girls, specifically, handle it. Similarly, how many times do we need to see the Duggar pantry and hear about how much it costs to feed such a large family? Is there some sort of clause that this must show up yearly? I'm not sure why, but the fodder of everyday dullness is problematic to this show... with nineteen children, couldn't they come up with more to show? Where was Cousin Amy? Is there anything new with Josh and Anna and their little brood? Are we doomed to have a junky finish to this season? I guess we'll find out soon enough...

19 Kids and Counting "Duggars Down the Aisle" (S06E10): Anna's older sister, Priscilla, is getting married in Florida, so the whole family plans to attend. Anna and Josh go early, as do Michelle, JimBob, and several of the older girls. [Anna presumably goes early to help with the preparations, but I have no idea why JimBob and Michelle are there in advance!] David and Priscilla have been holding hands but don't kiss until they are married. [just like Josh and Anna, of course.] Anna's dad asked her to give Priscilla some kissing lessons, but she figures her sister could figure that out. [how horrifyingly awkward.] Josh and Anna challenge Priscilla and David to a round of tennis a couple days before the wedding, as the Kellers have a court in their backyard. David is very athletic, regularly running 5-10 miles a day.

Jana had to take 12 of the kids with her, which was a struggle, especially when it came to packing. [you know, that's the specialty of Jinger and Jessa, who were in FL for whatever reason. Johannah is starting to look a lot like Joy, and that Josie so so darn cute! and why does Jana have some acne?] Jedidiah videotapes the trip down to Florida (at least they flew!). Jana wasn't the only one who was stressing, though... when Anna read the invitation, she freaked out that the ceremony was scheduled to be during Mackynzie and Michael's naptime. [I let out an audible "oh my God" over how ridiculous this seems to a non-parent. I mean, couldn't you just start altering naptimes by ten minutes a day for a couple of weeks? easier said than done, I'm sure.]

We see some of the wedding set-up (which was a big deal, as the couple was expecting 400+ guests!). [loved the hammering with a horseshoe! that's a terrible picture of Priscilla on that banner, though!] Anna and JohnDavid reminisce about the joke JD pulled with the wedding rings being in the foyer. [I hated that moment!] The Duggars do the prelude music.
The wedding party includes ten bridesmaids, ten groomsmen, six flower girls, and four ring bearers, some of whom rode in a wagon down the aisle! [hold the eyerolls...] Mack was awakened from her nap to be the flower girl, but she didn't like throwing out the flowers from her basket and Joy had to carry her down the aisle. Anna surmised that the little girl didn't like making a mess when she's always taught not to do so. [okay, now you can roll your eyes!] The bridesmaids carried Bibles with their flowers. [I can't decide if I liked this idea or not... what do you think?] Priscilla walked down the aisle to "The Hallelujah Chorus." [I totally rolled my eyes as David was repeating the vows! and her dress looked kinda ghostly white when they left the church! their kissing is intense... I did like that they kept turning their heads different ways to see which felt more natural for them!] David's mustang was filled with balloons, plus some were saran-wrapped to the outside, too!  

JoyAnna has joined the four older girls in the interviews, and they're asked more about potential suitors, as apparently JimBob gets letters EVERY WEEK for one Duggar girl or another! [goofy movie showing a potential suitor (brother) coming to ask about a Duggar girl! and Joy totally doesn't seem thrilled to be talking about men.] When asked if they'll live at home when they're 30, Jill says that they're servants and they're working on being content. The girls talk about what they'll all need in a man, and Jinger talks about wanting to live in a city, though Jill tells her that she can be happy anywhere. [Jill is such a dream-crusher sometimes! also, was anyone else under the impression that JimBob has actually approved of a couple of guys but the girls weren't fans of them??]

19 Kids and Counting "Duggar Growing Pains" (S06E11): Just before Valentine's Day, JimBob and Michelle go to Washington, DC but everyone else heads to Tulsa. [the house still has Christmas decorations up, take note!] In Washington, the couple speaks at a marriage conference, meets a young fan, do a book signing, and met up with Kirk Cameron again. [man it's awkward that those women asked Kirk Cameron to take their picture with the Duggars!] also, JimBob weighs 214, for anyone interested.]

We don't see the rest of the family actually in Tulsa, but on the way back we see them stop for pizza with three other families - the Shoemakers, the Paines, and another. They get a demonstration of pizza-tossing after they eat, and the kids get to give it a try as well. [nobody really picked it up skillfully, though.]

The only other point of interest in this dull episode was Jordyn getting her head stuck in the railing of the spiral staircase, and JimBob gets her out. [at least the poor girl wasn't shrieking!]

19 Kids and Counting
"Duggar Sick Day" (S06E12): Yeah... sll of the younger kids have had their births filmed for television, the family has a very organized pantry, and they spend a ton on food. We see a lunch of stuffing, macaroni and cheese, and broccoli. [I could eat it if I was trying to get rid of Thanksgiving leftovers or something, but otherwise it seems like a strange combination to me...] Michelle talks about wanting to make lots of vegetables, but the bigger goal is self-sufficiency. [wow... I could talk about this for a while! The woman would rather her kids be able to feed themselves than eat healthy stuff??] We see the labeling of paper plates to see who has leftovers and who didn't clean-up. Michelle calls Johannah "Jana" and Jennifer "Jill." [oops. I guess.] Then we move on to the fact that Jedidiah likes to film stuff... he puts a camera in the dishwasher, but it's so dark that they can't see anything. Then, he decides to make a video about the family being sick, as Jackson got strep throat and passed around to eight of the others. We see the scheduling of temperature-taking and medications. The episode ends with a small family comes to visit the Duggars for a meal, bringing catered food for 30 people as well as some homemade banana pudding. [I thought that this was very randomly thrown into this episode... how, exactly, was it supposed to fit?] 
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