Friday, July 1, 2011

Grace & Daniel; Liam & Daphne; JoJoBe & TiffyPop; Girls & Blind Dates

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Recaps & [Commentaries] for "scripted" shows this week include: Falling Skies, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Switched at Birth, Melissa & Joey, State of Georgia, Hot in Cleveland, Happily Divorced, and Futurama.

Falling Skies
"Prisoner of War" (S01E02): 
Some harnessed kids are gathering scrap metal. Tom & Co are doing some recon. When they return, lots of parents show photos of their children to them to see if they were spotted. Some of the major fighters have a meeting with Captain Weaver and
Colonel Porter about what other groups have found, and they're told to collect anything useful, like motorcycles. Some science team has gotten the harnesses off of three kids, but they've all died a few hours later. Tom is asked if he'll let a surgeon try a new technique on Ben. Tom doesn't want to only rescue Ben to try it out - he wants to save all the kids. Tom is told to just get Ben anyway. Matt is worried about Ben. The prisoner (Pope) knows a lot about cooking and complains about the food they give him. Turns out, he was a chef. They check with the girl who used to work with him and find out that Pope is indeed a good cook. He cooked for a prison. Weaver tells him that the setup isn't great, but offers him the position anyway. Tom talks to Dr. Glass about the new harness surgery process, and she tells him that the surgeon is Dr. Michael Harris, who knows Tom. Tom & Co. go to grab Ben, but Mike grabs his son instead. Tom goes back for a couple soldiers who were left behind (including Hal). Tom brings Weaver an almost-dead alien. They begin the procedure on Mike's son, using a blow torch to separate the body from the harness. They give the kid a morphine drip as a bridge because Harris believes that the harness drugs the kids. The needles from the harness grow as part of the host's nervous system. [whoa! freaky!] Hal makes it back to Tom, and says that the girl he was with was taken. The alien/robots kill a few kids and wanted Hal to see it. The kid looks like he'll live. Looks like Harris was with Tom's wife and when she died, and he ran off. Turns out, the alien they have can still communicate with Mike's son, and scenes-from-the-next suggest that the harnessed kids want to be harnessed. [overall, I thought that this episode was better than the pilot.]


The Secret Life of the American Teenager
"When Opportunity Knocks" (S04E04): Ricky, John, and Amy go downstairs into the butcher shop in the morning and see both Nora and Margaret standing there, upset that they weren't told that Amy and Ricky were living together. They leave for school and the grandmothers talk about whether the couple will make it. Meanwhile, at school, Leo goes to Ben's class and stares into the window. Caitlin catches him and brings him to her office. Caitlin tells Leo that if Adrian gets back in school, she could graduate in the summer. He tells her to just show up and try talking to Adrian. Ben goes to the office and Leo offers him the option to take the day off. Leo wants to talk to Ben in private, and wants no record of a conversation about Camille. Caitlin eavesdrops on Grant talking on his cell to Grace, who is back and went to Adrian's. Ben gets angry at Leo. Grant heard that Grace is back from Jack and is upset that he won't get to see her until the next day (even though she didn't plan to be back until then anyway). Adrian tells Grace that she likes being fat because it reminds her of being pregnant. [poor thing.] Grace tells Adrian that in Zimbabwe, she was like "the old Betty," meaning that she fell for a guy and slept with him. [except, um, didn't "the old Betty" get paid to sleep around?] He's from the US though, and was over there with his dad. Bunny is filling in as Leo's assistant. Nora and her fiance broke up a few weeks ago and she just tells Ricky. Nora couldn't make a commitment. Ricky does some quick math in his head regarding how long Camille worked for Leo. [interesting move. are we trying to show how bright Ricky is again?] Ben tells Ricky that he wants out of his marriage, and Ricky tells him to keep quiet. Leo goes to Camille's house to ask her to come back. She says that she's starting elsewhere Monday. Leo says that the company and he both need her. [There's a weird blue light on Camille's hair.] Leo says that Camille knows how he feels, she says that she doesn't know, and then he says that he's made mistakes. Camille asks him to leave her alone. [sad. I kinda liked the idea of them together...] Amy and John show up at Margaret's and give them a cake she picked up. Shaker asks Amy if she's okay with not being married to Ricky, and she says that she is. Ashley calls George to check-in and says that she's in Florida at Toby's grandmother's house. His grandmother isn't there and won't be for a few weeks. [eeek! that darn Ashley!] Ricky confronts George about telling his mothers about he and Amy living together. George gets upset that they're living together, and won't even go eat over there before Ricky marries Amy, which should be after she graduates from college. Grant and Griffin are chatting, Peter shows up [cute little pop kiss!] and thinks that maybe Grace cheated on Grant. Grace doesn't want to eat with Kathleen, Jack, Tom, Rachel, Bonnie, and Ronnie and tries to use jetlag as an excuse. Kathleen has a picture of Grace kissing a guy in Africa that Jeff sent her. Grace then tells Kathleen that she slept with Daniel. Grace threatens Jack to keep him from telling anyone about Daniel, since he overheard. Grace then kisses Jack to tempt him. Jack meets Daniel. Lauren is consoling Madison, who thinks that Jack is cheating on her with Grace. Madison calls Jack's dad and lies, saying that Jack doesn't want to move to Arizona and would prefer that they move back to California instead. Jack's dad sees through it. [good. I was going to be pissed at Madison if Jack's dad believed that mess!] Grace falls asleep on her couch. Grant comes over and sees Daniel. Grace wakes up and talks to Grant. She apologizes, he wants to be friends, then he leaves, with Grace being suspicious. Adrian tells Ben that she doesn't blame him if he wants to leave her, but she doesn't want him to leave. Ben tells her that he can't stay with her. She kisses him, he kisses back. George shows up at Ricky's for dinner after all.      

Switched at Birth "Dance Amongst Daggers" (S01E04):  Liam hopes that Daphne will be his girlfriend, and she agrees. They kiss. Kathryn tells Bay and Regina that she wants them at the fundraiser that they're hosting for Buckner Hall. Daphne comes home, gets invited, and asks if her boyfriend can come, revealing Liam's name to the group. Kathryn didn't know that Bay and Liam had broken up. Bay then tells them that she's dating Ty, which further complicates matters. Bay invites Ty to the fundraiser, but he doesn't want to go. Liam tells Bay that he is sorry that he's dating Daphne and that didn't know the situation. Emmett's mom and dad are separating and she hasn't told Emmett yet but she lets Regina know. [awww. poor Emmett. I like him.] Regina, Emmett, and his mom all think that Daphne and Liam shouldn't go to the fundraiser together, and Daphne reluctantly agrees that maybe a little space wouldn't hurt. A reporter is going to the party. Liam and Daphne text about keeping some distance at the party. Daphne thinks her dress isn't elegant enough, but her mom reassures her. Toby's drummer is grounded and he's calling every drummer he knows. Daphne suggests Emmett, and though Toby is hesitant, he goes for it. John and Kathryn tell the story of the switched-at-birth thing to various guests. Bay tells it like it's going to be a tv-movie and Zac Efron will play Toby. [hahahahaha!!] Bay pleads with Ty again. Bay sees Emmett staring at Daphne and gets jealous about how everyone loves her. Toby's band is named "GuitarFace." [figures.] One of the fathers hits on Regina... turns out to be the ex of a friend of Kathryn's. Some of Kathryn's friends are already spreading gossip about John having an affair. Daphne and Liam dance. A girl tries to talk to Emmett, but once he points to his ear to indicate that he's deaf, she quickly compliments and walks away. Kathryn tells Regina to stay away from Bruce, Denise's ex. Regina tells Emmett's mom not to flirt with John. Emmett leaves, telling Daphne that she's sucking up to the others, and that she shouldn't call him next time that she needs rescuing. Toby milks the switched-at-birth thing for attention from a girl. Kathryn goes to give a speech but stops and explains that the situation is strange, but they're doing just fine and taking it one day at a time. Bay and Daphne fight about Liam for a quick second. Bruce won a dinner for two and invites Regina. She says that she'd love to. Daphne asks Liam why he dated Bay, and says that she doesn't want to piss off Bay. Daphne ultimately chooses the good of the family over him, and she cries. Kathryn bought John's donated jersey and has Toby hide it. [hahaha!] Bay pours out a glass of champagne. [good call.] Ty shows up in a suit, and Bay tells him that she's glad he came. Ty is 19, and they go elsewhere. Daphne sees Bay with Ty as the credits roll.      

Melissa & Joey "Enemies with Benefits" (S02E01) (or possible S01E13 according to several places): Mel is home from a crappy day at work and wants to unload on Joe, but he just wants to leave for a date. Turns out, the date is with his ex-wife, Tiffany. We have a longer intro now, complete with Joey Lawrence's song and some clips. [love it!] Mel mentions that she's been missing Sex and the City since it went off the air, and that the movies haven't helped. [haha on the joke about Joe losing his hair.] The high school is doing a poll online for the superlatives. Lennox is really upset that she's not winning any of several categories. Tiffany shows up at the house and tells Mel that she thinks she's pregnant. [Tiffany has one of those personalities like Barbra Jean on Reba, LoL. She over-shares and thinks there's an instant friendship.] Joe gets back and takes off with Tiffany. The next morning, Mel hints around to Joe, hoping he'd say that he knew about the possible pregnancy. A few jokes later, nothing is revealed. Lennox comes down in a crazy outfit, claiming that she's going for "most dramatic," "most stylish," and "biggest flirt." [we only had superlatives in 8th and 12th grades... do they have them in every grade now??] Mel's at work thinking about Tiffany's pregnancy and spills the story to Stephanie, her assistant. Stephanie suggests that Mel might like Joe (using the guise of Elaine... [weird]). At home, Joe has installed a voice recording machine on the fridge to create grocery lists. [problematically, it seems to print instantly...] Mel tests it by saying that Tiffany is pregnant, and Joe says that they got together a month ago, on the couch (which totally freaks out Mel). Tiffany shows up, Joe says he knows, Tiffany gets upset that Mel told him. Turns out, she's not pregnant. But, Tiffany is now thinking about how great a baby could be for them. They call each other TiffyPop and JoJoBe [amusing. but not funny, per se.] Joe asks Tiffany to leave (nicely), and she says that he should call her in two weeks when she's ovulating. [whoa.] Lennox and Ryder get home, and it turns out that Lennox fake-fainted for dramatic effect, the PE teacher got down to do CPR, and Ryder jumped on him because he thought the guy was a pervert. Ryder got a black eye in the process. Lennox ends up as "most unpredictable." Mel thinks she'd be "best hair" and "best personality" in the house. Then, Mel and Joe pick on one another's fault as the episode ends. 

State of Georgia "Pilot" (S01E01):  Opens with Georgia and Jo trying to sell perfume by spraying samples at a store. Georgia wants to go to an audition for Damn Yankees, but Jo doesn't want to leave until her scheduled break. Jo has allergies, so Georgia sprays her in the face [yikes!] and claims that they have to go to the hospital. [cute opening - flashing to various photos.] Georgia makes an announcement to the other girls auditioning that she's about to be discovered. [hahahahaha.] The casting director insults another girl. He brings Jo in next (he finds her pretty, even though she's not actually auditioning), and we find out that she has a condition that prevents her hair from being able to be combed. [whoa. what?!?!] She's also about to enter a graduate program in physics and burps when she's nervous (plus she's socially awkward). [intriguing way to get some character background, tho!] Georgia comes in, says something about her dad owning the college, the theater, and the newspaper where she's from (though maybe she was joking?), and tries to get the casting director to give her a chance. He tries to get her to leave, but she sings. He tells her that she'll never be a star, and implies it's because she's a large girl. Back at the store, Jo avoids a guy... she chickened out of her physics interview and he brings that up. Then at the condo, Aunt Honey asks how the day went. She offers to call up some Jewish friends in the arts, but Georgia thinks maybe she doesn't "have it" after all. We find out that Georgia's mother has died. Aunt Honey encourages Georgia. Back at the casting director's office, Georgia has brought a basket of goodies and proceeds to seduce him. [I think the guy really over-acted this part!] He tries to focus on other resumes and headshots, but she gets on top of him and steals his attention. Then, when he wants to kiss her, she pulls away. The casting director's girlfriend confronts Jo, who is downstairs. Jo is unable to distract the woman and she begins pounding on the casting director's door (who is inside hearing Georgia say that she doesn't want to get the part by sleeping with him). He gives Georgia a callback to shut her up. Back at the department store, the physics guy finds Jo again, and she asks to interview. He tells her that interviews are over, but she tries to get on his good side anyway, and he offers her another chance. Georgia wears a pair of her aunt's heels to make her much taller for the callback, and we find out Aunt Honey reads the obituaries to find singles. [meh. middle-of-the-line if you ask me. Could get better, has potential, better not get worse first.] 

Hot in Cleveland
"Unseparated at Birthdates" (S02E13): It's the day that the girls celebrate their fake birthday again, and they're getting one another dates again. Elka says that it's over with Max, who is now "with an 80-year-old bimbo." [LoL.] The girls are collectively turning 42, with Elka choosing 50. [interesting, since Wendie Malick is already 60!] [cute outfit on Joy at the bar, even if it's only a plain top and shorts!] John Mahoney plays a waiter. [shocked me to see him without the limp from Frasier! LoL. and Victoria's date being a conjoined twin was hilarious!] Joy's date does some good impressions. The waiter breaks up Joy and her date, telling the date that Joy's only interested in him for the impressions. [the Jesus jokes over with Melanie are fairly interesting, but maybe overdone.] The waiter then tries to step in on Elka's date, saying that he can tell Elka is missing someone else. As he walks by Melanie's table, he tells her date that she thinks he's Jesus. [haha!] Victoria can't stand that her date is a conjoined twin, but Joy kinda likes the other twin... until it turns out that he's married! We end with the girls hanging out with the waiter and the impressionist, laughing at the bar. [fun fact I learned from the interview afterward with Jane Leeves and John Mahoney: 5 or 6 of the writers on this show were Frasier writers!]

Happily Divorced "Anniversary" (S01E03): Early joke about The Nanny. Fran and Peter don't have enough money to cover their property taxes. Fran isn't happy that Peter's still living there. Fran is ready to land a big wedding contract, but when the couple arrives, Fran thinks that the groom is gay. Fran is about to tell the bride, but then she mentions that they want to up their floral budget to $10,000. Fran decides to tell her anyway, and she is horribly upset. Fran doesn't tell Peter that's why she didn't make the sale, and she offers to sell her engagement ring to cover the property taxes. [I had never seen a fake orange to hide jewelry before!] Peter plans an anniversary dinner with Fran, having Cesar make a reservation under the name Tom Cruise. [LoL.] Cesar then tells Peter that Fran stopped that couple's wedding plans, and he immediately confronts her. We see some flashback of the early years, the buying of the house, and the hiring of Cesar. Fran goes to the bar where Peter is, they apologize to one another, and dance for old time's sake. [this show is starting to bore me. I'll give it another couple episodes to turn around...]

Futurama "'Neutopia" and "Ghost in the Machines" (S06E14 and S06E16): [if you're looking for #15, "Benderama," it was recapped last week.]
The crew is going bankrupt, but the Professor comes in on a segway and thinks they're going to stay in business. Leela thinks that they should become a commercial airline. Fry thinks that they should make a girly calendar, and the girls take pictures with Hermes' wife as a third female. They cover Leela's nipples with suspender straps, Hermes' wife is in a bikini, and Amy is in a labcoat of sorts. [Enjoyed the Mercury joke about having three-month years.] Bender acts as the metal detector for the flight. Bender turns himself off after announcing that all electronic devices should be turned off. [haha.] Fry and Hermes are the pilots and Zoidberg acts as live entertainment on-board. Bender makes out with the refrigerator. Fry falls asleep and they're two days off-course and out of gas. They crash. [There are a lot of offensive gender jokes in this episode.] Some rocks come to life and form one guy who doesn't know anything about gender. It gives various tests, like "who can drink the most sulfur" and "who can name any 12 of the Desperate Housewives?" Everyone needs to cross the planet to shelter. The refrigerator is also female in this episode. The women want to re-rig the refrigerator to keep themselves cool, but they need Bender's gas compressor. They go to steal it, and it turns out that Hermes already stole the refrigerator's freon. The next morning, the mercury is boiling but they're transported to a cave by the rock-person. Everyone loses their genitalia as another test by the rock-person to see if the two genders can find a way to work together. Hermes and his wife go back to the rock-person to ask for their secondary sex characteristics back so that they can have sex. Genitalia is reversed, but just as rock-person is about to fix it, Zapp Brannigan shows up and kills the rock-person. Leela, Amy, and Hermes' wife decide to go ahead with the girly calendar and have everyone else pose. The calendars are a hit. The Borax Kid shows up to reverse the genitals again, as he won a bet with the rock-person and felt the need to right the wrong.

The company is waiting for their insurance to reinstate. There's a parade outside for Parade Day... every group used to want their own parade, but now it's all on a single day. [hmmm... interesting consolidation. I don't think I approve.] An accident causes a globe to kill a robot, as Fry pushes a paleontologist out of the way. Fry is immediately recognized, given the keys to the city, and gives a short "heroes don't do drugs" speech. [haha on the joke about Fry Day.] The mayor's wife also apparently had sex with Fry. [whaaa?] Bender is upset that Fry didn't save the robot, and threatens to kill himself. He actually goes through with it this time, and the crew divvies up his parts. RobotDevil tells Bender that he's dead and a ghost now. Bender wouldn't let RobotDevil sing, though it looked like he was going to do something from Anything Goes. Bender is told he's in an "infinite loop," and RobotDevil suggests Bender murder Fry. RobotDevil makes a deal with Bender, and Bender is allowed to return to his body after he scares Fry to death. If he can't do it, he's stuck in RobotHell. RobotDevil sings a few bars and Bender leaves to scare Fry. Bender discovers that his software can control electronics. Fry tells the crew that his bathroom attacked him, but they just laugh. [What was with the pineapple vending machine??!?] Fry calls the GhostBusters, but the number doesn't work. The crew holds a seance... Fry ends up having a heart attack, but it doesn't kill him. We hear an ObamaCare joke, and Bender is planning to scare Fry again... but Fry talks about how he misses Bender, which softens Bender. He doesn't scare Fry and tries to apologize, though Fry can't hear him. Fry heads to Amish country / planet, Bender following as a ghost. He raises a barn, farms corn, and makes pretzels. The others visit him. Bender encounters RobotDevil, who tricks Bender into trying to kill Fry. In the end, Bender (in the RobotDevil's body) saves Fry, getting crushed in the process. RobotDevil and Bender are back in hell, and RobotDevil sings about Bender being stuck there... but he ascends to heaven instead. He's soon kicked out and gets back to the crew, putting himself together and coming back to life. Fry immediately guesses that Bender haunted him. [strange and random episode.] 

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