Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sofia's Communion; Gosselin Dinner; Duggars Snowed In

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Recaps & [Commentaries] for "unscripted" shows this week include: Cake Boss, Kate Plus Eight, 19 Kids and Counting, 16 and Pregnant, and Wipeout. Spoilers abound, so don't jump down if you don't want to know what happens!

ake Boss "Competition, Complications, & Communion" (S04E18):  Sofia is trying on communion dresses. Lisa wants a Victorian cake.  [I didn't realize you worse a veil to communion...] Buddy and the guys used to bowl in a league at a bowling alley that wants a cake from the bakery. Buddy, Joey, Mauro, and Danny are going to bowl when they deliver it. Mary wants to bowl too, and says she'll get her own team together since he won't have her on his team. Sofia's first communion will be on May 1st... 300 guests! [how do you know that many people? We invited 330 guests to our wedding, but there were two families, sets of friends, coworkers, etc!] There's a technical error over at the new factory, since the dry wallers didn't know where the wiring was going. There's a 2-3 week delay because of this. [The cake plan (right) looked interesting. but the overall look was a bit gaudy for me.] A pin goes missing for the bowling cake. Turns out, Buddy (Mauro & Madeline's son) took the pin. The guys and girls have team shirts and are ready to bowl. 780 to 735, the guys won. [I thought that the bowling cake could have used a ball.]

Kate Plus Eight "Hodge Podge Dinner" (S02E10): The family is baking treats for the patients at the dialysis center where Kate used to work. Blueberry-cinnamon muffins, thumbprint cookies with jelly, brownies. No milk allowed. [I didn't know that. how horrible!] The kids bring food scraps to the chickens and collect eggs. [I was surprised that Kate let the kids write notes in sharpie.] The big blue bus was in the shop so they were borrowing a 15-passenger van. Kate had the kids carry their booster seats to the car and just trusted them to buckle correctly. [yikes!] Kate was a little rusty in remembering how to hook up a dialysis machine. The family goes to the grocery store where they can each pick something in a specific category. There was a lot of bickering and trading. Alexis picked carrots, Leah picked strawberries, Mady picked sardines, Hannah got cream cheese and bagels, Collin picked frozen burritos, Joel got chocolate donuts. Kate didn't use a tissue when she grabbed the bagels. [I did get nostalgic though. It was clearly Giant they were at, which I liked a lot when I lived in PA!] Alexis was the first one to try a sardine. Collin liked the sardines. Kate didn't eat the random food herself, she had cereal instead. [Why? She couldn't eat a bagel and some carrots and strawberries??] Aaden is the only kid who doesn't like pickles. Kate's still having the kids brush their teeth in the kitchen. [I guess it's just easier for her?]  

19 Kids and Counting "Snowed In" (S07E05): 17" of snow! Jessa is teaching a lot now. They're still burning wood from the trees they cut down in 2003. Jinger got braces but only needs them for a few months. [I guess this answers last week's question of whether or not I saw them on Joy. the producers really interviewed people at the mall to see what they thought about the Duggars in a snowed-in situation?!?] The city only has one snowplow so they helped a little bit on the road near their house. They have a favorite recipe for Snow Ice Cream (6 qt fluffy, not packed snow, 1 qt heavy whipping cream or half & half, 1.5-2 cups sugar, 8-10 capfuls of imitation vanilla - half that for real vanilla. and apparently sweetened condensed milk, according to Joy.) JohnDavid was out towing people pretty much constantly. Cousin Amy's mom and Caleb's mom got them together. Everyone goes sledding on old campaign signs. Michelle even went out. 

and Pregnant "Life after Labor: Reunion" (S03 Special):
Taylor, Kianna, Jennifer, Danielle, Jamie, Cleondra, Allie, Izabella, Kayla, Jordan. Jordan, who was a model with her twin sister, struggled with spending time with her boyfriend (now husband), Brian, and sister. She has received her GED, they're still living in St. Louis with her grandmother and twin. He's enlisting in the Air Force. Both Jordan's mom and Brian's mom were teen parents as well. Jennifer with the twins is next. Josh had restraining orders put in place by Jennifer twice. He threatened to have her in jail and raped. [what? he's going to arrange to have someone in jail rape her??!?] Danielle and Jamie are together but rocky. Her mom feels like she raised Danielle as a little sister and messed up. She apologizes. Danielle needs to get a Driver's License and then take the GED. Taylor is still with Nathan. Aubrey had a tumor removed from her lung. Taylor's mom is helping a lot. Taylor couldn't handle the homeschool, so her mom helped her go back to school by only sleeping a few hours a day so she can watch the baby. Jamie and Ryan don't speak at all. Ryan sees the baby every Wednesday at a visitation center. Ryan claims that he didn't cheat on Jamie. Her mom admits that Jamie did ask her for the pill and she just pushed abstinence instead. Jamie wants Ryan to be able to spend more time with the baby down the road. Cleondra and Mario... relationship is a mess. Cleondra is pushing away Mario. [Dr. Drew having Mario put his hand on Cleondra's heart was weird.] Kayla and Michael... Kayla lives with her dad now. She's still having issues with her eating disorder. Kianna and Zak are engaged. Now, Izabella, who is going to school full-time while her mom watches the baby. Hiro got a job and is doing school now. They're engaged, too. Allie and Joey.... she's going to graduate in two months. She's going to major in math. She thinks that she can do it even though she's a single parent. Her mom sends her money since she doesn't have a job. [I think she should move back to NJ...] Allie and Joey don't even talk. Allie is afraid that Joey's family will try to take the baby. She lets Joey hold the baby. Joey doesn't want Allie hanging around while he spends time with the baby. They start to work out some time for Joey to see the baby. Danielle asks Allie how she dealt with Joey's mom, and she said that she just dealt with it because she was his mom. Jennifer asks everyone if they worry that their kids will make the same mistakes. [Interestingly, most of the teens have boys.]
[season finale]

Wipeout "Let's Make a Wipeout" (S04E18): The Qualifier starts with the Lawnmowers (two spinning sets of prongs over a bouncy stretch of turf), then the big balls, then a spinning platform to the swinging platform to the Chinese Restaurant, which is a series of holes to crawl through, pits of food to fall into, and arms flinging at you. [Preppy was amusing.] It's also lightly raining on the course this time. There's also soy sauce spraying around. [I find that to be gross!] Moving on, the second round featured the scare-ousel with double danglers. Here, contestants all start in one area. They have to hop across a few pedestals, then grab onto a red dangler, travel over three hurdles, land on a red spot. Then, ride on one of the yellow double danglers over several sweepers to the end pedestal. [I didn't think that there were any memorable wipeouts on this obstacle this time.] Now, the dive-bar. Six contestants start on individual pedestals 10 feet over the water. A sweeping arm shaped like a sideways snorkel comes around, each person tries to jump over it. The last person standing moves on. Repeat two more times. Oh, and the height of the snorkel increases, plus it keeps going faster. Two girls, four boys. Philosopher moves on. Preppy moves on. DeanofStudents moves on. The WipeoutZone is next. But first, a promo for the video game. [of which I'm skeptical.] Tonight's WipeoutZone has the chair launch, the Over-and-Out (two large, carved-out, rotating blocks that have some places to stand/brace yourself), Pointbreak (climb up the stairs while 500 gallons of water dumps on you, then go down a slide, trying to time it so that you land on a platform as you spin around), and the CoinToss (seven cylinders spinning end-to-end).  Philosopher is up first. He falls off the Over-and-Out twice. He mis-guesses the slide timing. He slips on the CoinToss, but crawls/pulls himself to the finish at 8:35. DeanofStudents is next. He falls off the Over-and-Out twice, trying the brace method. He tries the brace method a third time and makes it, then just does the run-across on the last Over-and-Out. He misses the platform after the slide by A LOT, then a little. Then, he runs out of time. Preppy to go. He pretty much cruises through, finishing at 4:11!

Wipeout "At Full Tilt" (S04E19):  Today's Qualifier beings with Wipeout Pinball, where you run across a stretch where two big balls roll down at you and an arm swings out to knock you over, then repeat the same setup a second time. [I like how the balls are anchored so they don't rolls into the mud.] Then, the conveyor belt to the big balls. Next, trapeze to the swinging platform (Mood Swing). On to the Wipeout Cantina, with three holes to climb through that move up and down, several pits of junk and bouncing bowls of junk, then two arms that try to mess you up. The first contestant quits at the Pinball! CaptainKangaroo used the trapeze to land on the swinging platform FROM THE SIDE. [impressive!] Scare-ousel is next, where the contestants all start in one area. They have to hop across a few pedestals, then grab onto a red dangler, travel over three hurdles, land on a red spot. Then, ride on one of the yellow danglers over several sweepers to the end pedestal. A lot of people are riding the red dangler too far this time. [CircusFreak impressed me here! Video below.] BallroomBabe made the cut, but withdrew, so FrenchPanda (randomly chosen.....) replaces her. He had been close but rode past the final spot. [I wonder why she left... hurt?] Next round: Trampolines on pedestals elevated 10 feet above the water. Jump over a sweeper arm that comes around.The arm gets faster and higher as time goes on. Whoever lasts the longest goes on, then the others repeat to try again. EltonJohniac wins the first time. [interesting to see the different contestants' methods of trying to stay in there! like CircusFreak's.] FrenchPanda wins. Then CircusFreak wins. WipeoutZone this time: ChairLaunch, Over-and-Out (two large, carved out, rotating blocks that have some places to stand/brace yourself), Pointbreak (climb up the stairs then go down a slide, trying to time it so that you land on a platform as you spin around), and the CoinToss (seven cylinders spinning end-to-end). CircusFreak goes first. She tries to sprint across the platform of the first part of Over-and-Out but falls. She uses the brace method the next time and makes it. But, on the second block, she falls out. Then, brace method twice. [I don't remember noticing thigh pads before! wonder if this is new...?] She lands the slide on the first try [rare!], breezes through the CoinToss, and finishes at 5:22! FrenchPanda is next...  he falls right off Over-and-Out but does fine on his second try. He then slides off the stairs (which are getting slicked down this time, rather than pounded with water). He messes up the slide on his first try and barely lands on his second attempt as time runs out. EltonJohniac is last... he slides off the Over-and-Out at first [hilarious!] and then falls off the platform on his second try. He makes it through on his third. He slips off the side of the slide and misses the landing. He makes it on the second try and just starts going for the CoinToss... falls and runs out of time.

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Off season/Coming Up:
Teen Mom  (season 3 starts July 5th) 
Teen Mom 2 
(no idea when season 2 starts)
Pregnant in Heels
(Season 2?)
The Unpoppables  (we saw six episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Outrageous Kid Parties  (we saw four episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
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