Saturday, June 11, 2011

16, 19, Cake, and Kate

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Reviews & [Commentaries] for "unscripted" shows this week include: Cake Boss, Kate Plus Eight, 19 Kids and Counting, and 16 and Pregnant.

ake Boss "Houses, Help, & Hitting the Road!" (S04E15):  Buddy is doing a cake for 4,000 people in Las Vegas, for Century 21. Different houses all over the cake with a big cereal treat globe. There's going to be 50 sheet cakes (200 pans) extra to feed the masses. The cakes are too thin, and Anthony gets in trouble. [I forgot how poorly he takes criticism!] He denies that there's anything wrong with the cakes. [um. it's kinda obvious...] They have an issue putting the countries on the globe. [though the solution wasn't wonderful, either.] Danny and Mauro will drive the cake to Vegas, and Buddy will fly... since he's still recovering from his hernia operation. [I think he knows he's milking it.] The finished cake weighs about 1500 pounds. It seems that they rented a truck for this one rather than using their own. Buddy gets a check-up, and he's cleared for everything except sit-ups. [Why didn't we see any of the drive?] Things go smoothly and the episode ends with Buddy, Mauro, and Danny watching the Bellagio fountains.  
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Kate Plus Eight "Kate's Night Out" (S02E06): Jamie (Kate's best friend) comes to visit and surprises her by taking her to New York for a surprise birthday weekend. Kate wears fake eyelashes. They had a limo take them to New York. Cara was upset that Kate was leaving last-minute. Kate didn't wear her seatbelt but Jamie did. [yeah, I'm always noticing that sort of thing...] Kate also made a blended vodka-raspberry drink to-go. They arrived in NY shortly before 11pm. They get their hair done at a salon. Meanwhile, back at home, babysitter Ashley plans silly string battles, water fights, human ice cream sundaes, and spray hair color. They color their hair outside, then make a mess toilet-papering a few rooms. The kids get wrapped in bubble wrap and then get into sleeping bags and ride down the stairs. They have a silly string fight outside in their swimsuits. Kate and Jamie had their makeup done in NY. [interesting that they do eyeshadow after the rest of the eye makeup.] The kids become human sundaes (toppings only, not ice cream, it seems). [I found this really gross.] Then, water balloons and water guns. All of the kids helped pick up. Kate and Jamie are out to dinner. [there were too many collage shots I thought.] Kate and Jamie go to 230 5th Avenue, which has a large rooftop bar. They get hit on by a few different guys. Kate isn't really into dancing. She finds it to be a waste of time. [interesting idea... but I disagree, LoL.] The next morning, they lounged around and talked. Mady and the girls made a chocolate cake and Cara and the boys made a lemon cake. [The kids blowing up the balloons was funny!] The kids tell Kate about what they did while she was gone, and then she sees the footage and is a bit freaked. [I guess it was a good episode overall. I'm looking forward to the 7th birthday ep!]

19 Kids and Counting "Duggars Hit the Slopes" (S06E13. This might end up being S07E01, different places place it differently): The family is going skiing in Colorado for Spring Break. 100 pairs of pants, 200 shirts, and 300 pairs of socks are all believable... [the 56 pairs of shoes is tough for me... who needs more than 2 pairs in this case?] It's a 9-day trip, and they need snowsuits. Jessa & Jinger have been in charge of packing for like six years. Josh and Anna go, but Michelle stays home with Josie, since they were concerned with her breathing at higher altitude. [good point.] The new bus has 12 bunks. Family friend Jonathan also went. [at this point he's got to be courting somebody...] It's a 14-hour drive to Granby, CO. They stopped at a Goodwill to find more outdoor clothes for the weather, plus goggles and whatnot. [Josh had a funny comment about clothes being from the 80s... how much about pop culture and historic fashion does he know?] Some of the older girls do buy new clothes online and in discount stores. [glad they decided to mention this.] Rather than $5,000 for ski clothes for the family, they spent about $235. Grandma is also on the trip. JimBob was slightly worried about the bus making it. They had some nice rooms at the resort. They got fitted for boots and skis. Jordyn snuck into some sunscreen. They split them into under-10 and over-10 for lessons. Jennifer didn't want to get on skis. After falling about 15 times, Grandma Duggar called it a day, and she didn't go again, as she hurt her knee. The second day, they went up to a higher hill. Michelle says that she was like Johanna when she was a kid. [interesting. and I kinda love it.] She did gymnastics, speed skating, swimming, and cheerleading as child. She says a cheer on-screen. [random request.] The family gets helmets. While they're at Granby, they learn to make homemade pizza. Typical JimBob, saying that Switzerland is "close enough" to guessing someone is Italian. We see Jana at the kitchen. We see Anna and Mackynzie there, too. For the second afternoon, they went up a higher trail, over a mile on the lift. John David, Joseph, and Josiah picked up skiing the quickest. Then we see Grandma and Anna with Jennifer, Jordyn, and Mackynzie. Day 3 had a webcam chat. Some of the kids got sunburned. They went snow-tubing when they got sore. [not the most memorable episode, but not bad.] 

16 and Pregnant "Kianna" (S03E08):  17, a senior in Fort Worth, Texas. Two months dating Zak, a football player from another school, before she got pregnant. He's 15. Neither has a father figure. She didn't take birth control for three days. [no wonder she got pregnant!]
August, 28 weeks: a month before school starts but football is already starting. She's transferring to a new school to graduate quicker. She wanted to dance and play softball... nope. They live 30 minutes apart. Her mom isn't happy, since she was a teen mom, too. Kianna considered an abortion but couldn't do it. Now she's thinking about adoption.
29 weeks: It'll be a boy. She talks to Zak about adoption, and she explains that they should both stay in school and stuff, so the kid doesn't struggle his whole life.
September, 31 weeks: She's bummed that Zak is anti-adoption. School starts and there's some awkwardness. Zak doesn't have a job and is laying on the guilt about Kianna thinking about adoption. 
September, 33 weeks: Kianna asks Zak if he'd give up football to help raise their son, and he says yes, since he doesn't want someone else to raise his son. [Zak is pretty adamant about that.] Kianna says that she'll keep the baby if he'll help, otherwise it's a no-go. She's worried about telling her mom, but her mom says its her choice but they need to figure out what they need. Kianna only has like $130. Her mom doesn't want the financial burden.
October: her school offers free daycare. They picked out a name.
36 weeks:
She has a fake baby to take care of all weekend. She and Zak struggle a bit to take care of it. [it's pretty clear that MTV isn't giving both the month and the gestation week if they're not sure. Good. I totally got tired of them making mistakes CONSTANTLY.]
37 weeks: Kianna's feet are swollen. The doctor is concerned about pre-eclampsia. She gets a take-home jug to collect her urine for 24 hours. They don't have a crib or diapers yet. [full-term and no crib or diapers?? these kids are killing me!] She's on bed rest, but isn't taking it super-seriously. The results of the urine collection (2 days later) show that she's at risk for pre-eclampsia, so the doctor wants to induce her that day. Zak broke his arm at football practice. [figures.] She received pitocin to jump-start the contractions. 4 hours into labor, she's feeling some painful contractions. She wants it over with. 8 hours into labor, she gets drugs. 13 hours in, she's still only at one centimeter. [these are things I fear. 13 hours and still only 1 cm!!!?!] 15 hours in, she's at 4cm. 17 hours in, the doctors worry about the baby and start prepping for a c-section. Kay'den Elijah is born 5 pounds, 9 oz on October 17th.
October, One Day Old: Zak and Kianna's mom put together the crib.
3 Days Old: they leave the hospital. Zak went back to school. Kianna's mom goes to work, leaving her with Kay'den. Some of her friends come over. Zak cooks some burgers and feeds Zak, then leaves because his mom is his ride. [Not bad for helping on his first try, I thought.]
1 Week Old: Kianna says it's rough to take care of the baby alone. She wears weave, or a type of wig... we don't get a great view of it.
2 Weeks Old: She's worried about how hard it'll be when she goes back to school. Her mom is keeping track of what Kianna owes, and asks if she's planning on getting a job. [I really think this is one of those things that you should try to establish pre-delivery. If you need to work pretty soon afterward, try to figure out where first, since looking for a job takes a lot of time, and when you have a newborn you need smaller tasks.]
November, 1 Month Old: Kianna is going back to school. She's exhausted and overwhelmed. Kianna wants Zak to be able to help more, and to get a job. She wishes that they had been more responsible because their lives have changed so much. She still wants to be a vet. [best of luck to them!]
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Off season/Coming Up:
Wipeout  (Season 5 on June 16th)
Teen Mom  (season 3 starts July 5th)
Teen Mom 2 
(no idea when season 2 starts)

Pregnant in Heels (Season 2?)
The Unpoppables  (we saw six episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Outrageous Kid Parties  (we saw four episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
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